Vilsack seeks nominations for Forestry Research Advisory Council

Published 10:44 am Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WASHINGTON—Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the re-establishment of the Forestry Research Advisory Council and is seeking nominations for new members.

“This council will play a critical role as USDA continues to lead the way in forest conservation efforts,” said Vilsack. “We base our forest conservation policies and decisions on the best available science, and this group will bring the expertise and experience to help us continue that practice.”

The council’s many responsibilities include providing advice to Secretary Vilsack on national and regional research planning projects and on coordination of forestry research within federal and state agencies, forestry schools and forest industries. In addition, the council will provide advice to the U.S. Forest Service’s Research and Development program—the world’s largest forestry-research organization.

The Forestry Research Advisory Council has 10 current and upcoming vacancies. Nominations are sought to immediately fill six vacancies on the council and additional vacancies that will occur when current appointments expire in December 2013. Vacancies are open in the following categories:

• Forestry schools

• State and Federal agencies

• Forest industries

• Voluntary organizations

Nominations must be received by April 29.

The announcement appeared in the Federal Register and is available here, along with the required nomination form and more background information.