Texting at stoplights no solution

Published 12:42 pm Saturday, April 20, 2013

To The Editor:

Okay, it looks like because of texting while driving, municipalities/the State etc are going to have to spend millions to revamp stoplights!

What am I talking about?

Well there is a new problem that I have been running into recently at stoplights. People think they are doing the right thing (and I guess it’s better) by not texting while driving, so they wait till they get to the stoplight. Look around next time you are at a stoplight. Over half the people there are starring into their lap.

The problem with that is the light changes, they are slow to go and I get caught by the red light AGAIN as they scoot under in the nick of time.  So I guess an audible traffic light is in order or needs inventing. It will give a different tone for each color of the traffic light to alert those in the middle of those very important text messages.  For green I’m guessing maybe the tone should emulate the sound of a car horn… oh well I guess I can do that and save the tax payers all that money that would be spent on audio visual traffic lights. I’m brilliant! So take heed all you traffic light texters, If you don’t go, I’m gonna blow.

Jeff Turner