Make use of unused farmland; help feed families

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, April 10, 2013

To the Editor:

We travel to Franklin, Va., several times a year to visit relatives. We take the Courtland exit of I-95 and as we travel along (Highway) 35, we notice all the farmland on both sides of the road. It seems most of it is just sitting there not being used. Such a pity to sit unused.

With the high price of food items this day and time, I think it would be good if the people or person who owns all that land would mark it off in half acres, one acres and etc. with stakes and ribbon and let families of the area put out a garden.

I understand there isn’t much work in the area and everyone needs to eat. Think of all the vegetables that could be raised.

If there is a person or persons in the area who have a lot of money and want to make good use of it, maybe they could buy some tillers, hoes, spades, seeds and fertilizer and give it to the families that couldn’t afford them. They could put in gardens and work them and have their fresh vegetables for the summer and fall months. Think how much that would help them and the cost of living at their house. They would have to be committed to working their parcel of land each week and if need be share the tiller with others.

Their children could help and in helping would learn how things grow and what an experience that would be for them. Better than sitting in front of a TV all day or talking on a cellphone or going out getting in trouble.

It would also make good memories for them, when they are old and maybe they would pass the idea on to their children.

Maybe some families could raise all beans, another all corn, another all tomatoes and on and on. Then share with all others. Folks, we all have to find good ways to take care of our food needs and go back to some of the old ways of dong things to keep America a free place to live. We are being taken over by rules and regulations of the government as to our life styles, as us older folks have known for many years.

I hope my idea catches on and one day when I come that way I will see people working their different gardens along (Highway) 35.

Linda Goode
Louisa, Va.