City-county partnership deserves support

Published 9:28 am Wednesday, April 3, 2013

To the Editor:

The groundbreaking at the AMAC site just west of Ivor on Route 460, underlines the importance of economic development to Franklin and Southampton. AMAC president Andy Curtis noted there were sites in other communities just as appropriate, but they were convinced to come to Southampton by quality and professionalism of the people who welcomed and assisted them here. He praised the Franklin-Southampton Economic Development (FSEDI) staff and board as well as the Southampton County officials who had enthusiastically provided all the necessary guidance and assistance not only to entice them, but continuing after they had made their decision. The twenty-six jobs being created are significant.

Present was a strong representation from the County, from Franklin, and included the Franklin-Southampton Chamber of Commerce. Obviously this is the fruit of a marvelous City-County partnership deserving the support of every citizen.

Along the rural roads once bordered by fields and forests we often now see houses.

If the people who dwell in these new houses and the rest of us expect in the future efficient social, fire, rescue and law enforcement services and an appropriate education for our children, we must have an effective economic development program. The alternative for the taxpayers is to look forward to a crushing burden.

Joe Stutts