Doctor’s retirement well deserved

Published 9:03 am Monday, April 1, 2013

To the Editor:

On Friday evening, March 22, Dr. Jorge Naranjo was honored with a reception at the Cypress Cove Country Club celebrating his retirement after more than 48 years service to Southampton Memorial Hospital and his practice in the Boykins community.

It was a wonderful event including being able to see his family again, becoming acquainted with their families. There were several speeches of remembrance and great appreciation for his devoted services, all well deserved.

Many spoke of the great strides that had been made over the years in the practice of medicine and all the advancement of technology. One spoke of the many back roads that had to be traveled by the former doctor who served this rural community in the past century.

I was reminded of my father who came as a “horse-and-buggy” doctor in the early 1900’s. He brought with him his horse named Fancy and when they’d go into the country to make a call, he’d show Fancy the directions in which to go. On his return trip home, he’d tie the reins to the buggy and Fancy would bring him home — as he enjoyed a well-deserved nap! Now this was an advantage of those times, to be sure.

Kitty Lassiter