Giving back is important

Published 12:12 pm Saturday, March 23, 2013

Who says there is nothing to do around here? On the contrary, there are a multitude of activities happening all over Southampton, Isle of Wight – the small towns in both counties – as well as here in Franklin on any given day.

This paper prints a calendar of activities, called “It’s Happening Here.” Each day the newsroom gets plenty of emails from organizations, groups, churches, the schools, the community college and the libraries on a wide variety of activities being offered to entertain, inform and enlighten.

These offerings are what this community is all about. If you chose to, you can find something to do.

For example, there are dozens of Easter egg hunts happening this weekend and next week. There are computer classes, line dance classes, movies, festivals and dinners. Some are fundraisers and some are just for fun, but these activities are everywhere.

The fundraisers are especially important to attend. The Ruritans, Kiwanis, Rotary, local volunteer fire departments, youth groups and others depend on fundraisers to provide needed services to others.

The winning Robotics Team also has a fundraiser that they do in May, called the Robo Regatta. Without those funds raised, they couldn’t have competed and won the regional championship.

Everyone counts on the generosity of others to keep these vital community organizations going. Even in these tough economic times, people still tend to give and give generously, to which we should all be very grateful.

So when you’re looking to do something that just might give back to your hometown, check to see if there is an event happening in your backyard. It will not only make you feel good to attend, it just might help someone else in the process.