Churches celebrate Black History Month

Published 10:12 am Friday, March 22, 2013

By Patricia Whitney/Contributing Writer

IVOR—The United Fellowship of Churches of Southampton County celebrated Black History Month at 3 p.m., Feb. 23, at Beulah Land African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

The host Pastor Rev. Joseph W. Whitney Jr.’s theme for the occasion was “Who paved the way for us: A journey in time.”

Black History Month is a time when all Americans can learn about and understand the struggles and achievements African Americans faced over the years. We as a people should not allow our children or our children’s children to forget the importance of Black History Month, so that history is not repeated.

The program was comprised of all youth of the fellowship of churches. The celebration began with praise and worship from Beulah Land Church leaders Virginia Scott, Gloria Urquhart and Bennie Urquhart.

The praise worshippers allowed the gathering to move into another mode of worship. Worship leaders Alexis Olds and Ciara Jones allowed the Lord to use them from the beginning of service until the end.

The devotions opened with Beulah Land Youth Choir singing, followed by scripture reading by Raheem Fulgham and Julian Fleetwood prayed the most fervent prayer. Junius McClenny greeted and welcomed everyone to the United Fellowship of Churches 2013 Annual Black History Celebration.

Participants in the program were Shayna Hill, Kennedy Parker, Armaiya Cannedy and Briana Prince, who presented the Abolitionist Period and concluded with singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

Ja’veon Newby, Raheem Fulgham and (DJ) Jesse Holloway portrayed Dr. Martin Luther King and his bodyguards, with Newby giving the “I Have a Dream” speech. They sang “I Want Jesus to Walk With Me” and “We Shall Overcome”. Asa Fleetwood and Ashlyin Fleetwood did praise dancing to the song “Awesome”. Harrison Colvin read a poem entitled “His Dream Lives On.” Alexia Sykes and Aalaiyh Sykes also praise danced to the song “Yes” and Jamarr Sanford recited the poem “I Am Somebody”. Kirby Brooks and Kayla Duncan portrayed President Barack Obama and the first lady and Laila Lankford and Korleiha Lankford were the first daughters in a presentation. Musicians were organist Clyde Holloway, bass guitarist Gene Greene and drummer Clint. The celebration ended by singing “Lift Every Voice” and the benediction and blessing was offered by Pastor Whitney.

A delicious dinner was served in the church fellowship hall after the program.