Time for new approach with North Korea relations

Published 8:33 am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To the Editor:

Dennis Rodman went to North Korea. The news programs that I watched roundly ridiculed his visit. They made fun of Rodman and they made fun of the North Koreans. Why? At least Rodman made an effort. So the North Koreans like basketball. That’s an opening. Why not take advantage of that opportunity. Stop ridiculing North Korea. Perhaps they are not so adept at foreign policy. It also appears that we are not very adept.

Sixty-eight years ago Japan was devastated. Sixty years ago South Korea was devastated. Look at those countries now. Guess what North Korea can do if we try some serious diplomacy instead of ridicule.

Please do not sacrifice any U.S. troops because of this entrenched thinking.

Dick Dickerson
Branchville, Va.