Local group climbs Gospel music charts

Published 9:04 am Wednesday, March 20, 2013


FRANKLIN—The Scotts’ recommitment to their musical ministry starting in 2010 has been rewarding the members and fans alike.

This is evidenced by the Franklin-based gospel group’s “In It for the Love,” which has moved to No. 8 in Christian Voice Magazine’s top 100 Southern Gospel songs in March. In February it was No. 11. The song is also No. 41 on the latest CVM’s Country Gospel chart, having moved up from the No. 55 spot last month.

Originally written by Quinton Mills, “In It for the Love”, was first recorded by the Scotts in 1995, and has become their signature song, said Terry Scott of Franklin. He co-manages the group with his twin brother, Jerry. The other members are their brother, Randolph; sisters Ginger Scott and Jeannie Foreman-Square; Jerry’s wife, Schulyer; nephew Carl Foreman; niece Lisa Scott Smith; and cousin, Jermaine McClenny.

Though Terry said he’s heard re-releasing a song is “a cardinal sin,” in the music industry, there’s been no obvious punishment. If anything, the chart placement proves otherwise.

“I feel extremely privileged. God has put us where He wanted us to be,” said Terry.

The Scotts were first organized at home by Bernice Scott in 1962. Jeannie is the original member from that time. Initially, the group would perform at the church of her husband, Bishop Clinton L. Scott. As word got around about the talented group, the members sang to other congregations.

“For years and years we were never recognized by a record label,” said Terry. He remembered when the Scotts were singing at a mall in the early 1990s and were heard by another well-known gospel singer, Karen Peck. She in turn introduced them to Beckie Simmons, which helped get the Scotts signed to an agency.

This led the family members to writing and recording other songs, as well as traveling extensively. Jerry remembered that some years they were doing as many as 200 dates. At one point they were riding on a bus into Bielsko, Poland, and saw themselves on posters plastered all over the city.

Feeling pretty tired by 2000, the Scotts decided then to stop touring while they were still in demand, said Terry, adding, “But we never bottomed out.”

Between 2000 and 2010, the family members went on to other projects. Terry started a dump truck business. His twin explored another ministry.

Jerry and his wife, Schulyer, started a church in Chesapeake where they live. “Jeannie and her husband, the late Robert Foreman, had their own (church) in Boykins. We merged in 2012,” explained Jerry. That church, Ezekiel New Day Christian Center, is on Pittman Road in Boykins.

“My father, just before he died, took me by the hand and said, ‘I want you do me a favor. How about not doing that solo project?’”

Instead, Bishop Scott told him that the family again needed to sing together. “You’ll be blessed,” he said.

“We were obedient to him, even at age 89,” said Jerry.

By January 2010, the Scotts were singing again. In addition to recordings, the Scotts have made appearances on such Christian-themed programs as the Great American Gospel Show.

In the past 24 months the Scotts have been on the charts with three different songs, “I Don’t Know Why Jesus Loves Me,” “Beautiful Day” and, of course, “In It for the Love.”

The brothers also formed Christian Twin Records in 2012. Jerry said he anticipates the Scotts will do more recording in the future.

“It’s unbelievable what’s happening with us. It really is,” said Terry, who closed his business last year. “I’m back doing what I’m supposed to be doing.”

The Scotts will be in concert at Ezekiel New Day Christian Center at 5 p.m. Sunday, March 24.

Visit www.thescottsmusic.com to learn more about the family.