The Village appreciates community support

Published 9:59 am Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To the Editor:

We often hear the expression, “It takes a village.” Occasionally something happens that reminds us of just how true it is. Such an occasion occurred on Sunday, Feb. 24, when a fire at The Village at Woods Edge threatened residents, staff and property.

The fire alarms sounded and the Franklin, Hunterdale and Carrsville fire departments responded immediately and in force. Village staff assisted all residents to a safe evacuation. Our Emergency Response Plan worked to perfection. Village residents even looked out for each other by offering warm coats, dry clothes, and words of encouragement to each other.

Everyone did an excellent job in assessing the situation, providing assistance, and ensuring that everyone received dinner and returned safely to their apartments by the end of the afternoon. Family members were notified and quickly offered words of appreciation and assistance.

We want to express deep and sincere appreciation to Franklin Fire Chief Vince Holt, who commanded the emergency response efforts.

Chief Holt has worked with The Village in formulating its Emergency Response Plan. He continues to provide insight and thoughtful suggestions on how to make The Village even safer and as safe as possible.

The acts of kindness, professionalism and generosity displayed during this unfortunate incident emphasize how fortunate we are that The Village lives within the incomparable and caring larger community of Franklin/Southampton/Isle of Wight. Because . . . well, because, sometimes it takes a village.

Rhonda Stewart
The Village at Woods Edge