Ada Hill a truly kind woman

Published 12:06 pm Saturday, March 2, 2013

by Virginia Clark

My story is about Ada Naomi Hill, a pillar of support who I have known for about two years.

I moved to this fair city a little over a year ago. I met Ada at Mt. Olive Holiness Church in Franklin, where this sister has been a faithful servant for a long time.

Ada is a true woman of God.

When plans for my wedding were beginning to collapse, she got things in order and got the important things done. It took a real person in control to pull that off. She handled everything, right down to the reception.

Ada grew up in Franklin. She married and became a mother, then a grandmother of two wonderful teenagers she loves dearly.

There is nothing she will not do for them. She is also a teacher because sometimes I hear her correcting them. They obey, too.

Ada has one daughter who works long, hard hours, and hardly has the time or energy to deal with teenagers, or to get any rest. Her mom steps in and gets the job done. Her daughter is thankful.

Ada will give or share whatever she has to help another person. When her bishop’s truck no longer ran, she made her only transportation available to him and caught rides.

She did not have any trouble getting from place to place, nor did she grumble.

I remember twice I was stranded in North Carolina. I had to call her for help. She got on the job, and I was home in a matter of hours. She even paid for the tow truck.

This wonderful woman knows how to get things done and the best people to call to handle situations. I had a book published recently and had a book-signing at Farm Fresh. She was right there to get her copy first and had no trouble doing it.

This woman of God does a lot of other things. She goes to the elementary school and picks up relatives.

Ada is a great cook, and her macaroni and cheese is something that cannot be beat. Her roast turkey and potato salad — well you cannot turn down.

The other day I had to do some work on my vehicle and could not drive it. I heard a horn blowing. It was Ada, asking if I needed a ride.

I was so surprised and thankful. I said “yes,” and we were on our way to the store. But not until she looked at me and said “I told you, when I have a ride, you have a ride.”

She is funny, kindhearted, reliable, resourceful, dependable and supportive. Sister Dorothy Holden has known Ada for nearly 50 years.

When Sister Holden was a young woman and started having children, Ada made sure the family had enough food and wood for heat. She even stayed with her a few times to help.

Those two were so close they even dressed alike sometimes.

Ada’s daughter, Amy Baker said Ada is “mema” to her children and everyone else in the family. Every one that she meets always has nice things to say about her.

Now a few words from her brother, Willie “Bubba” Hall. When he was in the federal prison, she visited and said, “Willie please don’t go back to the street. Live right and I will do all I can to help you. I don’t have much, but I will help you all I can.”

She kept her word.

Ada also works for the food bank at our church. Sometimes she drives, but most of the time she is there to help serve the community every second and fourth Saturday at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center.

Her biggest wish is for the church to have a van to pick up people without rides and to provide transportation for the pickup of the food for the food pantry.

She is very passionate about this because she believes it was ordained by the Lord to help feed the people of our community.

She also believes that we all should help take care of the people in need. We are all God’s people and He loves everybody and so should we.

If anyone has a running vehicle to donate to our church for the food pantry, please call 252-287-1456 and ask for me.

VIRGINIA CLARK is a Franklin resident and can be reached at