Toy guns found at S.P. Morton Elementary School

Published 11:50 am Thursday, February 28, 2013

FRANKLIN—Two toy guns were reportedly recently discovered at S.P. Morton Elementary School.

Officials with Franklin Public Schools could not be reached this morning and Franklin Police referred questions to Superintendent Dr. Michelle Belle.

A letter to parents obtained by The Tidewater News indicated the first gun was discovered on Feb. 21 by assistant principal Jametha Ruffin after being notified by a teacher that a student had seen a gun in another student’s book bag.

The teacher found the gun in the student’s book bag.

The superintendent’s office and police were contacted.

During the first investigation, S.P. Morton Principal Dr. Debbie Rollins learned a bus driver found a second toy gun. Police and the superintendent were notified.

Taking toy guns to school is a violation of policy, and the parents of the involved students were contacted. Discipline will be taken.

In the letter, Dr. Rollins acknowledges that the communication of the events may not have been as timely as some parents would like, but due to the nature of the events, when they occurred and the ongoing investigation, the information was provided as quickly and accurately as possible.

She also wanted to assure parents that every effort will be taken to maintain a safe instructional environment.