Land Transfers

Published 10:41 am Friday, February 15, 2013


City of Franklin

Pennymac Mortgage Investment to Joann D. Jenkins, 835 Rebecca St., $120,900

PNC Bank to David L. and Monica B. Joyner, 409 Morton St., $90,000

James P. Councill III to Dorothy and James P. Councill III, 621 Hunterdale Road, $0

Reconstruct Co. to Bank of America, 567 Laurel St., $100,834

Amy and Robert L. Cutchins III to Darrick Dickens, 116 Queens Lane, $230,000

Robert Lee Cutchins to Amy and Robert L. Cutchins III, 108 Homestead Road, $390,000

Sol W. Rawls Jr. to Cedar Hills LLC., 390 acres, $659,900

Franklin G. Parker to Joan C. and Johnnie Worrell, lots 21, 23, Riverview, $40,000

Franklin G. Parker to Sonia Warrant, one lot, $25,000

Evans and Bryant to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 205 Country Club Road, $133,041


Berlin-Ivor District

Kimberly A. and Raymond A. Miller to Kimberly Ann Lynch, 14325 Wakefield Road, $0

James J. Reid to Aldon Turner, one acre, $9,000

James J. Reid to Alton Turner, one lot, $500

Margaret B. Simms to D. Wade Bryant, 24 acres, $42,200

Kelley and William L. Boatright to KDL Va. LLC, .83 acres in town of Ivor, $0

Crystal R. and Cory D. Krantz to Federal National Mortgage Association, Route 614, $148,263

Jean E. Edwards to Deborah E. and Lisa E. Johnson, one acre, $0

Diane Berger to Valorie and Melvin R. Massingill, 13598 Appleton Road, $184,900


Boykins District

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Joseph L. Harris Jr., 32131 Elizabeth St., $64,900

Samuel I. White to Metlife Home Loans, 32076 The Hall Road, $109,827

Jeffrey J. Jordan to Keth M. Loney, one lot, $0


Capron District

Curtis W. Drake to Aaron Leon Claude, 25460 Meherrin Road, $260,000


Courtland District

Robert Elmer Yates to Yates Revocable Living Trust, 1.42 acres, Route 616, $0

Kevin P. Moore to Jessica and Kevin P. Moore, 23374 Lee St., $0


Drewryville District

Bessie B. Chavis to Renita Ann Bottoms, 2.1 acres, $0

James J. Reid to Virginia Smith, 3.38 acres, $75,000

James J. Reid to Joyce E. Williams, $21,500

James J. Reid to Bryan Vanlandingham, 1.48 acres, $12,000


Franklin District

Christine and Michael Roy Allen to Rock Church of Franklin, one lot, $50,000

Vivian M. and Albert J. Rabovsky to David Ray Berman, 2.66 acres, $0

Chrystal and Marvin A. Gibson III to Marvin A. Gibson III, 26242 Shady Brook Trail, $0

William H. Howell III to Rita and Jeffery Myers, 26374 Howells Corner, $151,000


Jerusalem District

James J. Reid to William H. Sledge, one lot in Sedley, $500

Reconstrust Co. to Bank of New York Mellon, 30389 Maple Ave., $39,150

Thaya D. and Edison L. Henish II to Adam L. Keech, 18250 Lakeside Drive, $160,000

Fannie Mae to Jimmie and Gordon Coons, 21331 Story Station Road, $65,000

Trimax Development Group to Anthony W. Martinette, 1.61 acres, $16,000

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association, 7182 Bell Road, $118,544


Newsoms District

Sandra D. and Mullican Barnes to Lois M. and Linwood C. Darden, 2 acres, $10,000

HSBC Bank to Laurie K. and David A. Phipps, 7.5 acres, 27549 Grapys Shop Road, $275,000

Martha R. and E. Beale Carter to John R. Carter, 105 acres, $0

Larry Leon Ridley to Woodrow R. Wilson, 24015 Thomaston Road, $126,200


Isle of Wight County

Isle of Wight County District

Charlotte Braswell to Jennifer A. Rhoads, lot 12, Aston Manor Estates, $195,000

Windsor District

Brad Arthur Ellsworth to Mary Jennifer Norako, 1.65 acres, Route 258, Dorether D. Ketter property, $276,000

Angela P. Minga to William Frank Minga, lot 3, William M. Whitley property, $0

Timothy L. Jones to Robert G. Phillips, parcel on Court Street, $45,000

David A. Jones to Peggy Story Jones, 3.1 acres, Holly Run Drive, $0

Jonathan E. Leaman to John R. Leaman III, Arthur Frank property, $86,000

Betty Kello Hardy to Roger Thomas Hardy, three parcels, $0

Todd D. Lyons to Kevin D. Goerger, Jolly Circle, $163,000

Kevin T. Sturlaugson to Joseph Holloman III, Windsor Woods, $285,000

Patricia L. Munford to Holland Farms Inc., 151 acres, W.T. Gray Homeplace property, $325,000