Not all of us intend to collect guns

Published 10:32 am Sunday, February 10, 2013

To the Editor:

This country has suffered natural disasters and atrocities recently, but these are not excuses to demand government solutions.

It is up to us, we the people, to fix situations; to help our fellow citizens suffering disaster displacement; to offer condolences to our fellow citizens mourning a tragedy. We the people have forgotten it is our country, not the government’s country.

People supporting gun reform erroneously label those of us who do not. They think the only ones up in arms are National Rifle Association members and gun enthusiasts.

However, not all of us intend to hunt or collect firearms. It is we the people who see the degradation of moral fiber around us; in moral commonality, and the dismissive way we pass the buck for government to fix all our woes.

Schools are blamed when our children are not educated. Government is blamed when we find ourselves in hard times. Everyone else is blamed when we don’t have all that we feel we should.

This increased sense of entitlement and blame is why we non-hunters and non-collectors are up in arms.

We have no disillusioned fear of government attempting to confiscate all the guns from the American people. We do, however, fear that restricting our right to defend our families and ourselves could be threatened.

Some say the U.S. Supreme Court will sort it out. We the people must never allow a law to pass with the intent to pass the buck to the Supreme Court.

Some say they have no intention, like many of us, of stockpiling weapons and ammo. Some say they do not fear the idea of any politician trashing our Second Amendment. They should.

They should have great concern for any politician who would consider trashing any part of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. These are still sacred documents of our United States of America.

For those who still respect the rights our founders bestowed upon us, it is time for we the people to churn out the next great generation who will take responsibility; reach out to neighbors in despair; command greatness from those we hired to manage our government; greatness from ourselves and from our children. It is time for we the people to re-stitch our moral fiber.

Shal Biacsi