Richard producing TV show

Published 8:56 am Friday, February 8, 2013

A former Franklin man is executive producer for AMC network’s “Hell on Wheels,” which will return in the third quarter of 2013 for a third season.

Mark Richard also wrote several episodes for the show’s first two years. “Hell on Wheels” is a post-Civil War western set in a town that travels with and services the construction of the first transcontinental railroad. The upcoming season will feature 10, one-hour episodes.

Mark in 2011 wrote the No. 1 best-seller “House of Prayer No. 2: A Writer’s Journey Home.” The Wall Street Journal ranked the book, a memoir on his time growing up in Franklin during the 1960s, among the year’s top 10 non-fiction books.

Mark is the son of Clara Richard of Franklin.

• Fourteen residents attended the Super Bowl party at the East Pavilion on Sunday.

Jo Jarrett, Carol Lowe and Susan Spruill were pulling for San Francisco. Carol was quite passionate and colorful in support for the 49ers.

Kenny Beale entertained all with his dance during Beyonce’s halftime show.

Others attending were James Taylor, Lilly Bell Faison, Ferne Kitchen, Lydia Griggs, Harry Drewery, Hazel Drewry, Leona Harrell, Mary Whitehead, William Mabe and Frances Forehand.

Dietician Diane Vick hosted the party.

In other news, East Pavilion Gingerbread students recently join residents for a dance.

DJ Perry visits the nursing home the first Tuesday of the month. Stephanie Ricks brought her class from the Gingerbread House to share in some intergenerational fun.

• More than 60 certificates of appreciation will be given during the Annual State of the Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribe Address at noon Saturday, Feb. 9, at the Ruth B. Camp Campbell Memorial Library in Franklin.

The certificates will go to tribal members, non-members and businesses that helped develop and build Cattashowrock Town in the Courtland area.

Receiving certificates will be Wayne Edwards, Robert El, Adam Ferguson, Richard Ferguson, Gloria Hawkins, Bernard Hedgepeth Sr., Angus Hines, Rondell Hunter, Larry Pegram, Juanita “Earth Woman” Smith, Lila Hedgepeth, Jean Sullivan, Michael Sullivan, John Turner, John Wayne, Sonya Williams, Sheila Wills-Hooks, Henderson Lawrence, Aaron Bateman, Joey Bateman, Julian Bateman and Bruce Bateman.

Also, Christopher Bateman, Sylvia Bey, Barry Bey, Debra Vicent, Eugene Scott, Vernon Rainey, David Preston, Quinn Clarke, Kea Turner, Todd Ricks, Mary Francis Wilkerson, Waleshia Hunt, Patricia Redwood, Caroh Holly, Mackans Office Supply & Printing and Keith Colston, Vic’s Signs & Engraving, Joseph Epps, Langston Everett, Daniel “Eagle Eye” England, Lewis Bateman, Tammy Desonyers, John Cummins and Gary Burnette.

Also, Stephaine Brown-Valderrama, Cynthia Brown, Teressa Baxter, Liela Oritiz, Sherian Cabbler, Kenneth MvcKelory, Colette Amici, Gloria El, Deborah Mottahari, Beverly El, Vashti Clarke, Stan Piersa, Sonya Taylor, William Lamb Howell, Ellis Wright, Bertrum Wendell Jr., Teresa Preston, Nancy Turner, Charles Baxter, Al Suter, Charlene Suter and Tiffany Desnoyers.

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