Forbes applauded at attempting tax reform

Published 8:49 am Friday, February 8, 2013

To the Editor:

Just a few weeks down the road, most Americans will partake in an annual ritual that is both confusing and unpleasant for most.

I am talking about the month of April and the looming deadline to pay our federal, state and local taxes.

Although our nation has advanced in other areas, we have failed to advance or streamline our method of paying Uncle Sam his share of our income. Sadly, the Internal Revenue Service has virtually done nothing to make paying your taxes easier. It has become a complex world that most average Americans would not be able to decipher.

Washington needs to reform our tax system, and that includes simplifying our tax code instead of adding more pages to the thousands already on the books.

I support Rep. Randy Forbes, R-Va., in his efforts to abolish the tax code and replace it with a simpler, more fair system with less loopholes.

With Obamacare just around the corner, our taxes will only get even more complicated and confusing.

I applaud Forbes in his previous efforts to reform our tax code and urge him to continue in his effort.

Sharon Burton