Black universal, eternal

Published 12:17 pm Saturday, February 2, 2013

 by Ricky Clemons

The stars would not sparkle so bright and brilliant if the universe was not black and eternal, beyond this world, where black is what we make black to be around the clock.

The full white moon would not glow so mystical if the night was not black. To hover over true genuine lovers in their nighttime romance, having no play act. The ocean floors are deep and black for deep sea divers to explore when almost every book is printed in black ink, that many people will write with more than any other color of ink.

If black was evil, God would not had created the outerspace so black and eternal. When being black is not a bad thing to God, who made no mistake to create the universe black and filled it with galaxies of light year stars, not being enough to fill up God’s hand.

When we go to sleep, we will enter into a black, dark and peaceful quiet place where dreams will run so free without getting caught. The black dark was upon the face of the deep before the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters to show us that the color of black has existed before the time on Earth for us to know when we read the first chapter in the book of Genesis.

The streetlights can shine so sophisticated in the black dark night, gladly greeting every race, creed and color of people to enjoy hanging out in the black dark night.

God didn’t make no mistake to create black people because black is so right with God, who appointed a black man to hold the highest office in this great nation. Black is universal and eternal, beyond all the past, present and future generations here on Earth, where black men, women, boys and girls are also God’s creation.

If evolution was so true, then chance evolved the color of black to fill the outer space hovering over this world, where everyone has a black and dark shadow that will waste no time to do what we do in the daylight and in the black dark night with no complaints.

The color of black is good and not evil when the heart can be so good or evil beneath the black, white, brown, red and yellow skin of rainbow colors wherever we go.

We so very often look at the color of black as only being on Earth where black can be degraded below the black eternal universe. Scientist and astronauts loves to explore the unknown in the black deep outer space that God created to surround his holy throne.

Many farmers will plow the black dirt on the ground and plant seeds to grow grass, trees, flowers and plants all around the world. Almost everyone has a TV in their home, and every TV has a black screen. When the TV is off and quiet, we pass by it without getting disturbed.

A lot of businessmen love to wear black suits. Many church choir members and clergymen will wear black robes. Many dancers in the night clubs will reach up to the highest peak in the dark night clubs, swirling around psychedelic lights, piercing through the black dark appearance of attracting romance.

God created the universe black and eternal. God loves to share with everyone on Earth, where human beings can opinionate the color of the skin on every land.

An auditorium must be dark for the stage lights to illuminate on performers to captivate the audience, who won’t fake their reactions in the dark auditorium. A movie theater must be dark for the characters to look like they can grab you and me and pull us in the big screen so fast.

Black is a very positive color. For us to get a good night sleep in the dark that is black. When war soldiers will be very confident in winning the war because of their good training in the black dark. For them to believe that if they can fight in the woods in the black dark and have no casualties, then they can surely fight even better in the daylight.

That could be a disadvantage to soldiers for having no night training in the black dark.

Black is universal and eternal in the outer space where white is universal and eternal; for both to have something in common beyond the race of every human being, who God wonderfully made with color that he chose to color our face that we should like when we look in the mirror regardless of what others see that won’t cause God to believe that he made a mistake to have given you and me the wrong color on our skin.

Ricky Clemons lives in Franklin and can be reached at 372-7158.