Court Dispositions

Published 9:55 am Friday, January 4, 2013

Isle of Wight County Circuit Court

Willie Carol Fowler of Courtland, three months jail, two years probation and costs of $448 for grand larceny.

Maurice Lashawn Spratley of Windsor, one day in jail, three years probation and costs of $626 for probation revocation on a grand larceny charge.

Randy Lee Spivey, one year in jail, two years probation and $598 in costs for possession of cocaine

Mason Robert Everett of Smithfield, two years probation and costs of $309 for making threats on the phone

Clinton Rudolph Davis of Suffolk, two years probation, driver’s license suspended for six months and cost of $414 for drunken driving

Southampton County Circuit Court

Danny Carl Jones Sr. of Franklin, five years in prison for a violent felon possessing and transporting a weapon

Marilyn Melisa Toon of Newsoms, two years in prison and six years probation for shoplifting and altering merchandise valued at $200 or less.

Christine Margosiak, aka Christine/Peebles Tiller of Franklin, 10 years probation, six months suspended driver’s license, a recommended drug program and costs of $1,805 for the sale and distribution of a controlled substance

Frederick Carnell Picot of Franklin, six months in jail, five years probation and restitution of $3,390 for grand larceny