Equipment donated to police

Published 10:31 am Wednesday, December 26, 2012


WINDSOR—A Virginia Beach company has equipped a Windsor police car with $10,000 worth of “technology.”

Knowledge Information Systems donated two built-in cameras valued at a total of $5,000, which can be viewed remotely, and a $5,000 portable laptop computer that can transmit audio and video recordings for evidence to a secured server. A mobile wireless router and an antenna with a 20-plus mile range are also part of the package.

The value of everything ranges from $8,000 to $10,000, said Officer Wiliford Owens, who is assigned to the car.

“It’s a whole lot easier,” he said about how the equipment helps him.

A larger computer screen is also appreciated.

“There’s much less work on the officers’ part to obtain and transmit data,” said Chief Vic Reynolds. “Administratively, it cuts back on our storage of video evidence. We no longer need to make hard copies. Information is automatically uploaded from the car to the server, keeping officers out in the field more.”

Reynolds said the cruiser is also equipped to transmit data about how the car is functioning and being operated.

He met a KIS representative at breakfast one day and learned about the prototype.

“They worked really hard at putting everything together,” said Reynolds, who worked with the company to customize the system.

When new cars are purchased, they will be outfitted with the same technology.