School investigates alleged death threat from Capron student

Published 4:10 pm Monday, December 17, 2012

CAPRON—The parent of a Capron Elementary second-grader doesn’t believe enough was done after she says a classmate allegedly threatened to bring a gun to school and kill her 7-year-old daughter.

Dr. Wayne Smith, executive director of administration and personnel for Southampton County Public Schools, said it was determined after a thorough investigation that the 8-year-old boy never made the threat.

“There were a lot of inconsistencies with the 7- and 8-year-old, and it was deemed there was a physical altercation while play fighting on the school bus,” Smith said.

Krystal Porter’s daughter was transferred to another second-grade classroom at Capron, and she and her brother no longer ride the same bus, Smith said.

Porter, 29, said her daughter came home from school on Dec. 5, claiming the boy punched her in the face on the bus and threatened to bring a gun to school and kill her.

Porter took photos of her daughter, who had a red mark on her cheek, and filed a complaint with the Southampton County Sheriff’s Office.

“Our office has determined that an 8-year-old male was the reported offender,” said Major Gene Drewery said. “If the parent requested, they would be guided to Court Services to bring criminal charges against the offender. At this point the school system is dealing with the incident.”

Porter went to see Capron Principal Virginia Hawkins the next day. She told Porter there’s a procedure for handling these complaints.

Smith said Hawkins followed the procedure by notifying a deputy who works in the school district.

“When we get a threat of any kind, whether valid or not valid, we have a school resource officer who conducts a thorough investigation,” Smith said. “Our school did make a threat assessment and deemed the statement was not made as originally stated.”

Superintendent Dr. Alvera Parrish said Hawkins also spoke with the boy’s parents.

“Although we cannot give you specifics of the consequences, they were put into place,” Smith said.