Not everyone reads Tidewater News

Published 10:36 am Saturday, December 15, 2012

To the Editor:

I recently read two stories about trash fees, or ‘trash tax’ as I like to call it.

The staff writer assumes that all that don’t read The Tidewater News are ignorant (“Who has burden,” Nov 28). The writer actually quotes Ben Franklin.

I am very disappointed by the assumption. The writer does realize we are in a rural area. I must say believe it or not, not everyone reads The Tidewater News.

I am sure the subscription is not free. The residents in my town are on fixed incomes. I myself do not read papers of any kind that aren’t online. I can read most for free on my iPad.

The county could have handled this better. The Tidewater News should be embarrassed. The writer should apologize.

My last thought, to quote my mother, “if you are not willing to sign you name to something, then shut up!”

So Mr. or Ms. staff writer, the next time you choose to insult the readers of your tiny newspaper, sign your name, or just be quiet.

Larry Smith

Editor’s note: The letter writer is referring to an editorial, which is the opinion of the newspaper, not a staff member.