Real Estate Transfers

Published 8:46 am Wednesday, December 12, 2012



City of Franklin

Michael K. Tawney and others to Kimberly Brown and W. Moseman, 23237 Dove St., $137,000

T.O. Rainey III to Whitfileld and Family LLC, lots in city, $84,000

Reconstrust Co. to Bank of New York Mellon, 305 Woodland Drive, $206,550

Klassic Smiles and Associates to Jordans Properties LLC, Lot 26, P.R. Camp subdivision, $40,000

Nathaniel Scaggs to Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority, lot on Bruce Street, $62,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Everbank, 112 Magnolia Ave., $68,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 107 Robin Hood Road, $167,447

Mary and Assadolah Assadnia to Assadolah Assadnia, lot on Woodland Drive, $0

Federal Home Loan Corp. to Mildred L. Savage, Lots 45, 46 Meadowbrook, $34,900

Cesar O. Breucop to Ella Avery Smothers, 501 S. High St., $0


Berlin-Ivor District

James L. Johnson to Alvin Doles, .939 acres, $40,000

John T. Faircloth To Ryan H. Ballinger, 8616 New Road, Ivor, $160,000

Parsons Homes Inc. to Kim M. Modica, Lot 20, Pines of Ivor, $149,000


Boykins District

Amanda B. Porter Cooke to Jillian and Russell Rensch, 32111 Elizabeth St., $137,000

Laurie K. Phipps to John P. Stiglitz, lot in town, $0

JSA Farms LLC to Jacqueline B. and Jason D. Hodges, 288 acres and 7 acres, $535,000


Capron District

Marcellus Mobley to SMART Properties Enterprises, two parcels, Route 653, $0


Drewryville District

Jesse Waltz and William T. Kemp to ARS Enterprises LLC, parcels, $205,000

Nancy Edwards to Southampton Farms LLC, 3.75 acres Drewry Road, $17,000

Jong C. Hsu to Hsu Living Trust, 45.5 acres, $0

Joanne B. and Burton E. Grizzard to Joanne B. Grizzard, 1 acre, $0

Nancy Williams Gregory to 3 Creeks Farms LLC, 49 acres, $4,600

VACAR Properties Inc. to Mason Timberlands LLC, parcels, $0


Franklin District

Fannie Mae to Mary E. Wilson, 31058 Camp Parkway, $190,000

Mary H. and Carroll Greene to Eleanor P. and David E. Witt, 22425 Suzanne’s Place, $223,000

Lillie B. Carter and others to Carol B. and Alfred L. Hatfield, 21265 Woods Trail, $34,000

Virginia Enterprises Inc. to Gwendolyn and Patrick L. Wilson, Lot 50, Joyner Farm, Section 2, $225,000

Gail B. Camp Limited Partnership to Tamara B. and Clay C. Johnson, 29318 Vicksville Road, Sedley, $81,000

Rachel H. and Carson Cheeley to D.C. Land LLC, 164 acres, Wakefield Road, $340,000

Nell L. and Michael A. Faulk to Loretta N. to Michael Faulk, 70.5 acres, $0

Nell L. Faulk to Loretta N. to Michael Faulk, 44 acres, $0

Herman E. Early Jr. to Thomas and Herman E. Early Jr., Lot 5, Section 2, Cotton Acres, $0

Boddie Noell Enterprises inc. to Bay Foods Inc., 1 acre, $450,000

AMG National Trust Bank to Powell Farms No. 2 LLC, 124.5 acres, $0

Mary N. Smith to Claressa Strawn, 31077 Cardinal Ave., $146,000

Jerusalem District

Nancy C. and Michael L. Caulder to Roberta M. and William Fowler, 5 acres, 17024 Johnson’s Mill Road, $204,900

Sharon P. Whitehead to Ashley L. and Robert B. Gay Jr., 17016 Ivor Road, $150,000

Samuel I. White to Federal National Mortgage Corp., 21331 Story Station Road, $124,758

U.S. Bank National Association to E.H. Pooled, 1 acre, $0


Newsoms District

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph W. Manning, 33468 Coctors Road, $41,900




Isle of Wight District

Marilyn Roberta Foster to Walter C. Johnson, Lot 20, Allendale Estates, $375,000

TRJ Properties LLC to Bruce C. Murphy, Lot 35, Section 4, Owens Estates, $145,000

John Marshall Vaughan Jr. to Elizabeth Fryer Vaughan, 5 acres, Parcel B1, Route 665, $0


Windsor District

Holland Meadows Inc. to Thomas E. Hackney, Lot 72, Phase 1, Holland Meadows $250,553

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Steven J. Dufresne, Lot 5, Sarahnell Estates, $197,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Carroll L. Greene, Lot 10, Phase 1, Holland Meadows, $265,000

Donald W. Humphrey to Shea M. Robertson, Lot 65, Windsor Woods, $210,000

Robert E. Hall to Mark L. Hamby, 6.8 acres, Parcel A., Robert E. Hall Property, $250,000

Linda Carole Moore to Roland E. Roberts, Lot 13, Windsor Woods, $245,000

Moody Harrison Gardner Jr. to Indkia Farms Inc., 50-foot ingress/egress, Harvest Drive, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Scott Braselton, 1.8 acres, Lot 2, R.L. Stephenson subdivision, $246,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Robert E. Hall, Lot 9, Phase 1, Holland Meadows, $240,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Nancy C. Dimunno, Lot 67, Phase 1, Holland Meadows, $240,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Patrick J. Stone, Lot 49, Phase 1, Holland Meadows, 265,000

Christopher S. Williams to Thomas Steele Byrum, 263 acres, Porter Tract, $500,000

Bank of New York Mellon to Ryan Hewitt, Lot 3A, Holland Acres, $75,000