City has no record of money collection

Published 10:07 am Wednesday, December 5, 2012


FRANKLIN—The City of Franklin does not keep records that allows it to collect up to $1,000 from drivers who were drunk, driving recklessly, or driving without a license when they had an accident.

“The response is nobody keeps the record that he is requesting,” Franklin City Attorney Taylor Williams said about retired police Sgt. Ronnie McClenny’s wishes to find out whether or not the money has been collected in the last four years.

“I did check with the clerk of the Franklin District Court, and the court does not keep such a record that he was requesting either,” Taylor said.

McClenny, who retired in 2009, on Nov. 16 asked the city for a record of how much money had been collected under an ordinance.

“It is not up to the clerk of the court,” McClenny said. “It is up to a designee. They have to apply for the money; it is not just going to come to them.”

Williams said there could be cases in which the reimbursement was ordered, but was not been paid, therefore there is no record of money collected.

McClenny in 2008 researched the ordinance, for which City Council recognized him.

“My recollection is when the ordinance was initially passed by City Council that it would only apply to a few instances,” Williams said. “There might not be more than one or two of those kinds of cases per year that would require additional emergency personnel that deal with this ordinance.”

Williams noted just because the court ordered the reimbursement does not mean the defendant has paid.