Supervisors under pressure or afraid?

Published 11:02 am Saturday, December 1, 2012

To the Editor:

Southampton County supervisors on Monday voted 6-0 to extend the deadline to March 31 for paying the $200 garbage fee. (“Deadline extended for garbage fee until March,” Nov. 28).

Gee, thank you for extending a fee we should have never had to pay anyway.

“We failed to notify the public properly, although it was legally done,” said Berlin/Ivor District Supervisor Ronnie West. Thank you, Mr. West. I am surprised by you humility. I would have expected a “so be it” comment from you.

I am amazed at how some of the supervisors act like they are doing us a favor. This “fee” is nothing but a tax hike and they know it.

Supervisors also voted 4-2 to send notices to the county’s 7,000 homes about the fee. The vote always seems to be 4-2 on almost every issue? (Newsoms District Supervisor) Mr. (Glenn) Updike must be the black sheep on the board.

There are so many exemptions to this tax, and it is going to cost how much to implement it? Sounds familiar huh? Obamacare all over again!

I only hope during the next election cycle, some people reading about this story, will have enough! I hope the four get the boot like they deserve; they have failed in their leadership!

Where are you on this (Drewryville District Supervisor) Mr. (Dallas) Jones? You have been so vocal before. Now you’re quiet.

Larry Smith