Christmas tradition spans four decades

Published 10:55 am Saturday, December 1, 2012

Joey and Joanne Hewett, who live next door to Nancy and Ralph Flowers on Sycamore Avenue in Sedley, have also been decorating their home for Christmas for more than 35 years.-- Don Bridgers | Tidewater News


Ralph and Nancy Flowers of Sycamore Avenue in Sedley have been decorating their home for Christmas since the 1980s. -- DON BRIDGERS/TIDEWATER NEWS

SEDLEY—Don’t bother asking Nancy and Ralph Flowers or Joey and Joanne Hewett of Sedley how many lights they put up for their outdoor holiday decorating.

They’ve lost track.

For more than three decades years, the Flowers have decorated their Sycamore Avenue home right along with the Hewetts next door. The Hewetts have been doing it for four decades.

“We used to get out in the yard at night, talk and carry on,” said Nancy Flowers, 68.

“We just do it out of fun,” added Joanne Hewett, 67. “We started when we first moved here in 1975, and kept adding on and on and on each year till where we got now.”

“I never kept track of how many lights I put up or how much I spent,” said Nancy Flowers. “The light bill’s not that bad, about $30 more than the usual $100.”

Ronnie Norton with his 18-month-old grandson, Adam Bryant, look at the inflatable Santa Claus at the home of Ralph and Nancy Flowers in Sedley. - Don Bridgers | Tidewater News

She and her husband have been decorating since the 1980s when their grandson was small.

For the first two years the Hewetts did keep count of the number of lights. Now they only install them until they’re tired.

“We have no idea how much money we’ve spent,” said Joanne Hewett.

Another neighbor used to go all out, but has moved to North Carolina. There are, however, other neighbors who decorate.

“They do a real excellent job,” said nearby resident Richard Livesay.

The Sedley Woman’s Club has recognized the Flowers and Hewetts for their decorating.