Interest charged to pay garbage fee with card

Published 9:03 am Friday, November 30, 2012

To the Editor:

You know what, enough is enough.

It is time people in Southampton County say it’s not right and stand your ground. You are putting a garbage fee (tax) on all residents of Southampton for $200 and some do not use the dumpsites.

I can burn my two bags of trash a week in my yard.

This is not right and unconstitutional. We did not even have a vote.

Well now I do. I am not paying. And to put some icing on the cake, I went to pay my taxes at the Treasurer’s Office and did not have the cash, so was going to pay with credit card. They wanted to charge me another 2.49 percent to put it on my card, which is already 9.75 percent interest.

Come on, this is wrong!

How can anyone afford to live in Southampton County. Well I’m moving out and I’m taking my trash with me.

Here at Christmas no one should have to deal with this type of wrongdoings from anyone. Southampton County, good luck.

Charlie Burke