Real Estate Transfers

Published 9:58 am Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Southampton County

City of Franklin

Shea Darden to Heather Eckman, 112 Verna St., $159,000

James M. and Virginia Y. Stone to David B. Stone, 104 Hunterdale Road, $150,000

Robert L. and Dana W. Norris to Harvey L. and Sharon F. Hasty, 308 College Drive, $87,000

PNMAC Mortgage Opportunity Fund to Wainberg Properties LLC, 303 Lee St., $49,900

Nectar Products Inc. to HSBC Bank USA, 300 S. High St., $141,000

Sharletta N. Everett to Wyche Properties LLC, Lot 94, P.R. Camp, $0

Diane B. and Eugene S. Ball Jr. to D&G Investment Corp., 503 W. Third Ave., $0

Gregory Armad Miller Jr. to Joshua and Ebone R. Ricks, $0

Brian P. Saunders to National Residential Nominee, 605 Pace St., $127,500

Ruth Tucker Petty to Adam G. and Sheri C. Berryman, 116 Southampton Road, $185,000

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Edwin D. and Shannon J. Culligan, 113 Magnolia Ave., $98,000

Evans and Bryant PLC to Virginia Housing Development, 137 Verna St., $127,000

Fannie Mae to Alan J. Winslow, 307 Bogart St., $95,000

Rodney A. Manley to Curtis Brown, 200 Bracey St., $95,000

Anthony Louis and Mary Indilla to Barbara Anne Salmiery and others, section two Holliknoll, $0


Berlin-Ivor District

J.C. Land Ventures LLC to George Barron Joseph Living Trust, $100,000

Patricia P. Woodbury to Rachel H. Cheeley and Bay Carson, lot on Route 628, $0

Rachel H. Cheeley and Bay Carson to Patricia P. Woodbury, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Patrick Lindsey Kelly, 7 acres, $45,000


Boykins District

Thomas P. and Rosemary M. O’Keefe to Thomas P. O’Keefe, 5 acres at 28210 Meherrin Road, $0

Christopher M. Vicker to Luke Weidemann, two parcels, $65,000

R.T. Lassister to Hannah Howald Stiglitz, $3,500

Gene A. Taylor Jr. to Barbara B. Hardee, 180 acres, $280,000

Branch Banking and Trust Co. to James S. Fekete, lot 7, Edgewood Subdivision, $28,000


Capron District

Jennie P. Monette to Boo Farms LLC, 540 acres, $0

Fannie Mae to William and Charlotte Branch, 18330 Barrow Road, $61,000


Courtland District

R. Parsons LLC to Joshua Clinton Scott, 29343 Shady Brook Court, $18,000

Gail B. Camp to Curtiss A. Johnson and others, tract in town, $55,000


Drewryville District

Joann Tomasone to B.M. and Lauri L. Sickelton, 84 acres, $0

Samuel I. White PC to  Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 11153 Southampton Parkway, $103,825

Taylor R. Presson to GPSP Properties LLC, 2 acres, $0

Jason D. Hodges to R.M. Clarke Farm Tennessee LLC, 23 acres, $50,000

Gail B. Camp Limited Partnership to Henry Clay Jones Jr., $26,000

Gail B. Camp Limited Partnership to Ivor Marine, $16,000

Colonial Farm Credit to J. Alan Thompson, 15 acres, $59,300


Franklin District

Jonathan N. Scheibe to Robert A. Blythe, one acre at 21405 Sedley Road, $213,500

Donald Keith Blythe to Stephen St. Onge, Scottswood Drive, $20,000

Dennis James Watson to Wyche Properties LLC, Meadowbrook, $12,000

Linda Tomlin Drake and others to Gregory R. Mason, $60,000


Jerusalem District

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 16247 Ivor Road, $100,000

Barry J. and Susan W. Overstreet to Dana M. Whitehurst, one acre at 16360 Drake Road, $183,500

Raymond Crum and others to Bryan Scott and John W. Johnson, 2 acres, $39,000

Southern Bank and Trust Co. to Parsons Homes, 76-79 Bethel Farms, $350,000

Floyd William Burgess to Joseph T. Burgess, one-half interest in 169 acres, $100,000


Newsoms District

Steves Farm to Darryl G. and Connie L. Bradshaw, .10 acres, $1,500

Mildred M. Williams to Clarence Lamar and Kathy Haggard, 38 acres, $100,000

Benjamin and Robert A. Pope III to Nancy Y. and George P. Womick Jr., 115 acres, $130,000

Mildred M. Williams to James E. and Harriet S. Hall, 19 acres, $175,000

W.H. and B.J.J. Corp. to Jacqueline S. and William Howell III, 50 acres, $29,960


Isle of Wight County

Carrsville District

Gilbert H. Story to David A. Jones, 12 acres, $0


Isle of Wight District

Rex W. Alphin to H. Theodore Herrala Jr., less than one acre, $0

Donald Thomas West to Donald P. Edwards, Zuni Village, $17,000


Windsor District

CMH Homes Inc. to Joan B. Gulledge, 17214 Woodland Drive, 15 acres, $260,000

Brian Michael Licausi to Vernon Ray Edwards, $57,200

Donald S. Anklin to Donald E. Phillips, Hidden Acres, $328,100

Joseph H. Whiteman Jr. to Robert W. Thomas, 1 acre, $89,000

Robert H. Moss to Vernon Ray Edwards, Rountree Meadows, $75,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Caitlin D. Adams, lot 52, Holland Meadows, $240,575

Gray Lumber Co. to Richard L. Harris, three parcels, Lulie Drewery Munford Estate, $510,000