Edwards, Womble, Creasey earn perfect SOL scores

Published 11:30 am Friday, November 16, 2012

Meherrin Elementary School Principal Syretha Wright awards Christopher Clapp with a certificate for earning a perfect score of 600 for Virginia studies on his Standards of Learning exam. -- Gwen Albers | Tidewater News

COURTLAND—Riverdale Elementary School fifth-graders Jack Edwards, Dalton Creasey and Corbin Womble made perfect scores in reading, science and history on last year’s Standard of Learning tests.

They were the only students from Southampton County Public Schools to score a 600 on each of the three tests.

Students scoring perfect scores on two portions of the SOLs were Capron Elementary School fifth-grader Madison Heiser, Meherrin Elementary School Madison Williams and Riverdale fifth-graders Luke Warren, Madeline Burgess, Rhett Barlow and Dalton Creasey.

School administrators during Monday’s school board meeting recognized all students who earned a perfect 600 on at least one portion of the exam.

Others recognized were:

• NOTTOWAY—Fifth-graders Julia Brooks, Benjamin Hanscombe, Jayton Billups, Jesse Martin and Meaghan Ellis; and third-grader Matthew Brantley

• CAPRON—Fifth-graders Benjamin Morgan, Heaven Delbridge, Alison Forhlich, Amani Gray, Andrew Kume and Michael Mills; and third-grader Layla Barnes.

• MEHERRIN—Fifth-graders Christopher Clapp, Hannah Bradshaw, Emily-Rose Lehman, Jamey Bunn, Abbie Hannah, Jacey Bunn, Macyah Johnson, Brianna Whitmore, Seth Lewis, Alyshia Hill, Chloe Worrell, Victoria Pasley, Shaun Ethridge, Anteyvion Turner, Hannah Bradshaw and Kevin Baker; fourth-graders Trevor Cook, Ann-Morgan Hawthorne, James Elliott Cross and Jacob Rhodes; and third-graders Haley Cisco, Dinae Jones, Gregory Reynolds, Michael Walton and Gregory Reynolds.

• RIVERDALE—Fifth-graders Gavin Bryant, Brianna Kry, Caroline Fowler, Hope Bunn, Noah Shaffer, Alyssa Cleaton, Thomas Dawson, Star Drake, Reuben Leonard, Hailee Jarrett, Anthony Ona, Brianna Combs, Claudia Stout, Madyson Wood, Noah Shaffer, Taylor Darden, Hailee Jarrett, Dara Keffer, Tyler Phillips, Wolfy Waugh and Trevor Blow; fourth-graders Brittany Prince and Noah South; and third-graders Kaleb Jenkins, Zachary Parris, Jaden Edwards, Emilie Howell, Katelyn Lowe, Emilie Howell, Chandler Belcher, Taylor Bryant and David Payne.