Resigning schools administrator not being held accountable

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, November 7, 2012

To the Editor:

This letter is a direct response to the announcement of Bev Rabil’s resignation.

How dare she leave the Franklin City Public Schools in a mess only to go to a state job to “work with low-performing schools.” Are you kidding me?

Bev Rabil should be brought up on charges for perpetuating a fraud.

For years Bev Rabil had been given carte blanche. Were the members of the school board (past and present) asleep? How could one person have so much power?

The Tidewater News reported that members of the school board would not return phone calls, had no comment, or had no knowledge of her leaving, but in the last paragraph the chairwoman said that, “We’ll look at total staff and then decide about filling the position.”

Mrs. King, will that be before or after confirmation of Bev Rabil’s resignation?

The Tidewater News reported that some parents at a school board meeting called for the superintendent to resign, but they were pointing the finger at the wrong person. They should have gone after Bev Rabil for the school’s accreditation problem.

Parents don’t believe for one minute that the school board was totally blind sided. The question is how did The Tidewater News find out that Bev Rabil not only was leaving, but has a state job waiting for her?

Someone needs to think about the children of the Franklin City Public Schools and what it will take to correct this travesty.

Bottom line, Bev Rabil is headed for the hills and will not be held accountable for her actions.

Denise Grant