Readying for Election Day

Published 11:22 am Friday, November 2, 2012

STEPHEN COWELS/TIDEWATER NEWS - Franklin Assistant Registrar Ashley Bryant, from left, with volunteer Sarah Kew and Registrar Jennifer Maynard. They're counting official ballots to be sent to the polls for provisional voters and people who are unable to come inside the polls to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6.


COURTLAND—The registrars in Western Tidewater need your help in making this Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, a smooth experience for all concerned. Presuming you’ve already registered — the deadline was Oct. 15 — the key is to have proper identification with you at the polls.

“Mainly bring your ID,” said Southampton County Registrar Peggy Davis. “If you bring your ID, then you’re set to vote.”

Included in the Virginia State Board of Election’s list of acceptable IDs are: a Commonwealth of Virginia Voter Registration Card; valid Virginia driver’s license; any valid student identification card issued by any institute of higher education in Virginia; a copy of a current utility bill; a copy of a current bank statement; or a Social Security card.

You can find the full list at Davis said a list of what’s acceptable also would be posted at the polls.

Those people who do not bring an acceptable form of ID can only vote provisionally.

That vote might not count, she said, if you don’t get a copy of any proper ID to her office by noon Friday, Nov. 9.

“You’re better off to run to your car or home than waste a trip later,” said Davis.

She mentioned that she’s never faced a lot of problems in the registrar’s office.

“That’s always been a plus.”

Lisa Betterton, registrar for Isle of Wight County, encourages people to be aware of what’s going to be on the ballot.

“It would be really great if they’d become familiar with the website — — and be familiar with the ballot,” said Betterton. “Of course having proper ID helps.”

As with Southampton, Isle of Wight voters who don’t bring in the proper ID that day to the polls will get a provisional ballot. To make that count, she said, “They’ll have from Election Day until noon Friday, Nov. 9 to bring an approved identification to the office.” Betterton didn’t have any anecdotes to share about previous elections, but did say, “The last presidential election went really smooth.”

Franklin Registrar Jennifer Maynard said the same rules apply to voters in the city.

She added that people can see the local results as her office posts them on the state board’s website. The website will be updated approximately every 10 minutes.