Outdoorsmen should vote for Tim Kaine for Senate

Published 11:04 am Friday, November 2, 2012

To the Editor:

In so many ways, the Commonwealth of Virginia is extraordinarily blessed. We have two very capable individuals seeking election as Virginia’s Junior Senator. Beyond any question, George Allen and Tim Kaine did much for the Commonwealth in their terms as Governor and have otherwise offered and will continue to offer great service.

I have been honored and privileged to share the company of both of these individuals on several occasions and, in my judgment, both are honorable gentlemen and good people.

However, if you care about hunting, fishing, boating and the numerous activities afforded by scenic rivers, the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean, protected historic sites, open spaces, clear skies and clean air, I respectfully submit that your vote must be for Tim Kaine.

In the proud and honored traditions of our founding fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, to name a few, who so deeply loved the beauty and opportunities of this Commonwealth, Tim Kaine is the man. His record on preserving and restoring our natural and historic resources is exemplary. As Governor, he preserved approximately 400,000 acres of open space, worked with both Democrats and Republicans to stop pollution and thereby saved the Chesapeake Bay and supported the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries during my tenure on its Board, without hesitation or reservation.

In contrast, George Allen apparently relegates the protection of our natural and historic resources to a lower priority. As Governor, his philosophy and actions slowed efforts to clean our rivers and preserve the Chesapeake Bay. His record, both as Governor and United States Senator, earned him a first place spot on the National League of Conservation voters 2012 “dirty dozen list.”

I know Tim Kaine and I assure you that the protection of our natural and historic resources will be among his highest priorities as United States Senator. Significantly, along with our Senior Senator Mark Warner, he will, with genius and innovation, advance the cause of economic growth and still protect the environment.


Richard E. Railey Jr.