Stolen Romney/Ryan signs triggers man’s response

Published 9:22 am Friday, October 26, 2012

To the Editor:

Following the removal of a Romney/Ryan campaign sign and the subsequent removal of Romney/Ryan signs from other yards on Clay Street in Franklin this past weekend, I feel compelled to address in writing what the stolen campaign signs expressed visually — my support for a new direction.

It is interesting to think that someone with a closet full of Romney/Ryan signs believes that this upcoming election has more to do with undecided voters that may be sitting on the fence than an ideology and values driven decision.

Unfortunately, many people may vote for our next president without having taken the time to understand why they favor one candidate over the other. I will refrain from talking about my ideologies and values, and simply note that in an election that may fundamentally change the way all Americans live their lives, each of us owes it to ourselves, our families and our communities to learn the facts and strategic goals of our political candidates.

I strongly believe that each of us must look beyond perceptions of personal gain and decide which candidate is posturing my life and the lives of all Americans to be free, prosperous and without overregulation in the years to come.

In consideration of the toll on American lives that has been levied for the right of all authorized citizens to vote, it is our duty to know why we support our candidates.

At this point if anyone can be lured to the voting booth simply because they see signs in a yard, we are dispelling the notion that voting is a sacred right that requires the undivided attention of all Americans.

With that said, voting is not enough — understanding why I vote the way I do is critically important.

P.S. I have a new sign.

Paul Dickson