Library Friends groups thanked

Published 10:59 am Saturday, October 13, 2012

To the Editor:

As part of the sixth annual celebration of National Friends of Libraries Week, the staff of Blackwater Regional Library wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank our busy Friends groups for the assistance and time they have given us in the past year.

They are instrumental in our success and function as community centers of learning and entertainment. Our Friends groups are as varied as our different branches, from large in Franklin with 130 members to small in Surry with six members. But no matter how large or small the group, their invaluable efforts can be felt in our day-to-day operations.

Friends support the library in a variety of ways including fundraising, activism and volunteer work. The public is most familiar with the book sales our Friends’ groups tirelessly manage through sorting and moving books to operating the cash drawer.

Fundraising efforts such as this help build up funds that assist the library in our efforts to provide quality programming and excellent materials.

Windsor’s Friends through its efforts provides refreshments for monthly programs, as well as funding a portion of the library’s Summer Reading Program.

Franklin’s Friends contributed funds toward Summer Reading book prizes, enlarging the library’s audio book collection and for staff members to attend the Public Library Association Conference where they learned about adult and youth programming, the latest book trends, customer service and more.

Not only do our Friends groups raise money, but they devote their time to speak out for us, like during this past year’s budget crisis. Our Friends and board members spoke to their neighbors and friends, their council members, and anyone who would listen about the good our libraries do for our communities and the need for full funding.

It is due to their efforts that Blackwater Regional received most of the funding it needed from its five localities.

But their volunteer work did not end there. Our Friends volunteer thousands of hours every year by fundraising, as well as assisting staff in the branches and sponsoring programs, such as the Southampton Renaissance Faire. The Rawls Friends sponsors the annual renaissance faire by assisting in its organization and participating by dressing in period costumes for all to enjoy.

In conclusion, thank you Blackwater Regional Library Friends groups. Your care, time and efforts are appreciated. We could not do it without you.

Jeff Huff
Marketing coordinator
Blackwater Regional Library