PDCCC grants good news

Published 9:52 am Friday, October 12, 2012

As America’s senior population continues to rise, so does the need for healthcare professionals, especially nurses.

Thanks to the foresight and generosity of anonymous donors, Paul D. Camp Community College has received grants to help establish a practical nursing program. The $189,186 is being given through the Hampton Roads Community Foundation.

This windfall, so to speak, comes at a time when places in the region for such training are reportedly becoming fewer. Portsmouth Practical Nursing closed its program in 2011. Regrettably, Sentara Obici Hospital in Suffolk will graduate its last class in winter 2013.

We hope PDCCC will make swift work of getting a program started so those interested can begin their studies.

A notable side benefit to creating a nursing program at the college will the need for more employees.

The grants also will provide the opportunity for PDCCC to plan a GED program. Ultimately, we expect this will enable residents to complete the learning interrupted in high school. Ideally, those ambitious enough to resume learning won’t stop with a certificate, but continue their education. Nursing could be one possibility.