Published 9:55 am Friday, October 12, 2012

Franklin police

RAYNARD LAWRENCE, 54, two counts of selling and distributing cocaine

BRYANT HOWELL, 22, sexual battery, drunk in public

TRAVIS L. BEALE, 30, capias

TASHA S. BOONE, 30, assault and battery

GEORGE E. TAYLOR JR., 23, assault and battery, strangle another causing wounding or injury, abduction

ROBERT T. RAWLINGS, 23, disorderly conduct

WILLIAM WASHINGTON, 45, violation of probation

D’ANGELO C. HUDSON, 23, capias

ANTONIO L. HARRISON, 23, destruction of property, two counts of assault and battery, drunk in public

ROXIE LEE WARREN-JENKINS, 61, assault and battery

ZONIA V. JENKINS, 26, assault and battery

DEXTER A. GRANT, 24, domestic assault

JAMES DANIEL FRIIS, 28, warrant of extradition

LASHAWN M. HARPER, 30, assault and battery

STEVEN PARKER, 42, shoplifting

JAMES H. GOODWYN JR., 32, 3 counts of shoplifting, felony shoplifting

JOSHUA A. HUBBARD, 30, possession of cocaine, third offense driving on a suspended license DUI related