Real Estate Transfers

Published 10:25 am Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Southampton County

City of Franklin

Reconstrust Co. to Bank of America, $131,863

Brenda Skinner, one-half interest in parcels to Johnnie Lee Urquhart, Wilmington, Del., $15,000

U.S. Bank National Assocication, 401 W. Second Ave., to Calva LLC, Richmond, $73,900

Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Ronald E. McClenny and Roger Vann, 1440 Clay St., $14,000

Samuel I. White, 307 Bogart St. to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., Dallas, $60,055

J.D. LC to Llewellyn M. and Shirley Branch, Bowie, Md., $125,000

Deborah Ann Thode Bradley to Edward C. and Karen B. Cronin, 167 Bobwhite Lane, $162,000

Eastern Lodging Inc., Armory Drive, to Oasis Hotels LLC, Virginia Beach, $768,000

Citimortgage Inc., 208 Stonewall St. to Mable A. Butler, 23012 Barrett Town, $31,000

Evans and Bryant, 104 Langston Court, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Oklahoma City, $145,099

Edward C. Cronin and Elect A. Larcombe, 308 N. High St., $165,000

S.W. Rawls Jr. to Ann Arendell Rawls Adams and others, Franklin, $0

Calva LLC to Lee A. Barnes Jr., Richmond, $0

Norma Page Rowe to John A. Rowe, 400 Crescent Drive, Franklin, $0

D&G Investment Corp. to Eugene S. and Diane B. Ball, 34171 Battle Beach Road, Franklin, $0

Scott D. Bosley to Wendy W. Whitehead, 336 Robinhood Road, Franklin, $0


Berlin-Ivor District

Equity Trustees LLC, 7327 Proctors Bridge Road, to Bank of New York, Denver, $40,000


Boykins District

Jessie L. and Sylvia M. Whitehead, lot in town, to Kenneth A. Whitfield, Durham, N.C., $1,700

Linda Darden Hedgepeth to Dennis W. Darden, 31505 Hall Road, $80,000


Capron District

Deutsche Bank National Trust to Sandra G. Johnson, 19287 Carys Bridge Road, $95,000

Beechnut Farms LLC to William W. Day, Capron, $75,000


Courtland District

Sandfiddler LLC to Emerson B. Kitchen, 16283 Plank Road, $39,200

Michael A. and Kristine Gardener Jr. to Christian Riceman, 27147 Flaggy Run Road, $190,000

Anne H. Barbarisi to Walter Arden Miller and others, 22262 Linden St., $60,000

K&K Investment Properties to James D. and Robyn Jean Ozols, 22327 Linden St., $219,000

Heather H. Bishop to Chris E. and Beverly N. Wallace, 23444 Old Bridge Road, $6,500

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Shawn P. McIntyre, 21407 Medicine Springs Road, $134,900

James H. Joyner III to William T. Joyner, 23213 Hanging Tree Road, $0

Joyce Schroeder and Willie Fowler to Willie Fowler, 26078 Guy Place Road, $0


Drewryville District

W. Stephen Scott to Gerald A. Anderson, Virginia Beach, $17,250

Nacy Anthony Evans Jr. to Colonial Farm Credit, Mechanicsville, $44,463

Herman L. and Phillip L. Higgins to Anthony McAdoo, 27060 Beale Road, $800

Maurice and Muriel F. Tennessee to Wayne F. and Maurice Tennessee, Portsmouth, $0

Jacqueline B. Blankenship to Frank Paul Montagna, 40 St. Andrews Street, Zion Crossroads, $0


Franklin District

Horace M. Turner to Richard E. Dimsey Sr., 429 Crescent Drive, $143,000

Atlantic Trustee Services, 29479 Deer Trail Drive, to Bronco Federal Credit Union $120,468

Parsons Home Inc. to Neil Adam and Laura Jean Clark, 22036 Harvest Drive, $210,000

Marvin Beale and Hilda Edwards to Virginia Electric Power Co., Richmond, $600,000

David L. Cranor to Arthur D. Skinner, 22144 Woods Trail, $58,000

William S. Wirt Construction to Gavis James and Lisa B. Chilcote, 22319 Harvest Drive, $271,000

Larry Darnell Blow and others to John L. Blow, 35419 South Quay Road, Franklin, $0

John L. Blow to Larry Darnell Blow and others, 9921South Quay Road, Franklin, $0

Jason A. Dunaway to McClelland Custom Building, 103 N. Teal Circle, Franklin, $0


Ivor District

William Clay I to Jeshua J. Lehman, 9433 Tucker Swamp Road, $175,000

Glasser and Glasser, 7452 Proctor’s Bridge Road, to Wells Fargo Bank, Sioux Falls, S.D., $67,500

Judith T. Morris to Diane T. Fallon, Summerville, S.C., $0


Jerusalem District

Trimax Development Group LLC to William H. Parks Jr., 27182 Flaggy Run Road, $178,000

Cecilia W. and Earl W. Burgess to Cecil E. Burgess, Sedley, $0

Roland Wilson Brock to Wesley E. and Marcia A. Campbell, 32392 Sandy Ridge Road, Franklin, $0


Newsoms District

Professional Foreclosure Corp., 20248 Cross Keys Road, to Bronco Federal Credit Union, Mt. Laurel, N.J., $47,950

Wells Fargo Bank, 34021 Sunbeam Road, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C., $199,176

Viola Reese Scott to Rosetta M. Reese, 31055 Unity Road, Sedley, $0

Sandra D. Barnes to Deborah Mullican, 31400 Sunbeam Road, $0

Annie Maude Vick to Jackie D. Vick, 26118 Shady Brook Trail, Courtland, $0


Isle of Wight County

Carrsville District

Christopher N. Carr to Christopher N. Butler, 30871 Hunt Club Road, $117,000


Isle of Wight District

Christopher H. Register to Catherine H. Register, Elizabethtown, N.C., $1,000

Samuel I. White, P.C., to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Carrollton, Texas, $363,159

Recontrust Co. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Richardson, Texas, $145,414

Recontrust Co. to Bank of America, Getzville, N.Y., $319,887

N.B. Miller Builder Inc. to Leon E. McCallum, 119 Commander Cove, Isle of Wight, $601,000

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington, D.C.

Louis A. Fraticelli to Cartus Corp., Danbury, Conn., $330,000

Brian D. Hill to Isle of Wight County, 17090 Monument Circle, Isle of Wight, $129,000

Carol Nixon Woodard to Industrial Development Authority, Isle of Wight, $1.4 million.


Windsor District

James W. Ballard II to Robin E. Wills, 8 Roberts Ave., $175,000

Antonio G. Mazzola to David P. Zabinksi, 23085 Andrew Court, $285,000

Pons Country Store & Café LLC to Steven W. Justice, $156,000

Mary E. Hawkins to Kyle Barlow, 14443 Five Forks Road, $241,189

Otis Owens I to John W. Carter, 12101 Five Forks Road, $225,000

James W. Stafford to Michael B. Russell, 22439 Thomas Woods Trail, $159,900

Shelly E. Hardy to Steven A. Stingel, 24388 Killos Lane, $205,000

Mary J. Hill to Bruce Leon Melton, 22463 Courthouse Highway, $5,000

Willie Pierce to Angelo Antonio Pierce, Portsmouth, $0

Cheryl Angela Darden to Robert Shawn Darden, 18439 Hortons Lane, $0

Margaret J. Johnson to Ginny J. Eley, 23251 River Run Trail, $0