Published 10:25 am Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office

KEVIATE DEETRON LANKFORD, 19, destruction of property at Monument Circle, Windsor

Southampton County Sheriff’s Office

JOHN PARKER SMITH, 55, violation of probation

TRAVIS LAMONT BEALE, 30, failure to appear

TIMOTHY KIGLER, profane language over public airway

TERRENCE LAMAR ADKINS, 23, revocation of suspended sentence and probation, manufacture-sale-possession of controlled substance

JAMES ANDREW ADKINS, 27, revocation of suspended sentence and probation

ELSMERE WAYNE WILBORN, 44, concealment-price alter merchandise greater than $200

ALEX EUGENE EBLIN, 47, violation of probation

D’ANGELO C. HUDSON, 23, sale-distribution of marijuana

DENNIS LEON BLOW SR., 49, public drunkenness

TRAVIS LAMONT EVANS, 31, drunken driving

YVONNE BRUCE, two counts of issuing bad checks

DEMETRIUS HUNTER, 26, drunken driving

WILLIAM HANEY, 24, assault and battery

RAYNARD LAWRENCE, 54, manufacture-sale-possession of controlled substance

MARY VIRGINIA BANKS, 62 burning or destroying building

DESHAWN RICKS, 19, failure to appear, three counts stalking, two counts threatening to bomb or damage building, annoying phones calls, eight counts profane-threatening language over public airway

DERRICK LAMONT GRAVES, 29, sale-distribution of marijuana, possession of controlled substance and two counts revocation of suspended sentence and probation

ANTONIA LAMONT BROWN, 38, shooting or throwing missiles at occupied vehicles, felonious assault, two counts abuse and neglect of children, violation of probation