Expanding martial arts program considered

Published 10:59 am Friday, September 28, 2012


FRANKLIN—Franklin Parks & Recreation Department is looking to expand its martial arts program to include boxing, judo, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, Kendo, Tai Chi Chuan and Muy Tai.

“The one thing we need right now is facilities for the programs,” said Ricky Sykes, chairman of Parks & Recreation Committee. “It is not costing the city anything right now to have these programs. That’s why we started with these martial arts programs because it is inexpensive and not going to cost the city anything.”

The 40-year-old program offers karate, Aikido, along with its latest addition of Jeet Koon Do. Classes are held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center.

“I think this is an excellent program,” Sykes said. “It benefits the community — not just the kids, but the elderly as well.”

The karate program is for children and adults. The class meets twice a week.

The Aikido class is an affiliate of the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, one of the world’s leading martial arts organizations. The class meets weekly.

The Jeet Koon Do program for children and adults teaches the basic core skills. Classes are held weekly.

“We work hard trying to come up with programs and facilities to host these programs to benefit the city,” Skyes said. “I think the group as a whole is doing an excellent job.”