You asked: Nonprofits pay police wages for security at events

Published 1:25 pm Saturday, September 22, 2012

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You asked: When an event is hosted by a nonprofit and the city or county provides police protection, who pays the bill?

FRANKLIN—When police work a nonprofit event, such as the We Be Jammin’ summer concerts in downtown Franklin, the host organization pays their wages.

The Franklin Police Department charges $35 an hour per off-duty officer, said Lt. Tim Whitt.

Downtown Franklin Association Executive Director Dan Howe said his organization paid $280 each week to have two officers at We Be Jammin’ concerts at Barrett’s Landing.

“It’s nice to have a police presence there,” Howe said. “We would rather deter crime then react to a crime. Having security sets a better, safer atmosphere for the citizens.”

Southampton County Sheriff’s deputies are paid $25 per hour to work events, which isn’t part of a normal shift, said Major Gene Drewery.

“They have to be off duty,” Drewery said.

In Isle of Wight County, officers are paid time-and-a-half to work security at the county fair and get $30 an hour to work security at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Windsor, said Lt. James Pope.

“Any time the deputies are scheduled outside of normal office deployment, they are paid by the organization utilizing their services,” said department spokeswoman Kristen Wilda.

“For instance the county schools provide payment for deputies to provide security at athletic events.”

Although there are occasions, like with the Windsor High School Homecoming Parade, where deputies perform security detail as part of their work shift, she said.