Reader upset with Newsoms traffic stops

Published 11:36 am Saturday, September 15, 2012

To the editor:

The Town of Newsoms’ 2012-13 budget does not include any funds from the many traffic tickets issued on Route 671 by the two Newsoms police officers.

Revenues that pay the officers’ salaries come exclusively from traffic tickets.

The town’s general fund receives no funds nor does it contribute any funds to the officers’ salaries. The officers’ vulnerable spots are private property locations. The officers have created a motorist hazard by blocking a ditch at two locations and causing water to stand and backup with the smallest rainstorm.

The police officers, with the mayor’s discretion, destroy private properties, driveways and drainage ditches. One day, an officer’s cruiser was stuck in a ditch and driveway, which destroyed the ditch and driveway.

Are these officers operating in compliance with Virginia Code 46.2100? As for the traffic fund account, the mayor supervised a private police officer fund with no disclosure to the general public.

Vanless Worrell

Editor’s note: The money from traffic tickets covers the expenses of the Newsoms Police Department.