IOW supervisor speaks out on taxes, tethering

Published 11:34 am Saturday, September 15, 2012

To the editor:

Well folks, I just have to weigh in on both.

Taxes should always be tied to county income and dogs shouldn’t ever be tied.

I have two-plus million reasons not to raise your taxes. They include the $947,000 Blackwater easement, $315,000 set aside for machinery and tools tax decrease, $300,000 set aside for schools that they won’t get, $279,000 additional machinery and tool taxes which was unexpected and expected actual surplus of $315,000 taxes on recordation of wills.

This adds up to $2.2 million — the two-plus million reasons.

Add to the above the usual dollars not spent in all departments at the end of year, and at the very least, approximately $500,000 that makes $2.6 million not considered or added to the county budget. This is without selling one county property.

Where is the shortfall?

I was also very surprised by the results of dog tethering (“Isle of Wight not to prohibit tying up dogs,” Aug. 18). The people who I’m focusing on are the ones who chain their dogs up 24 hours a day for life!

Are you telling me that’s not animal cruelty? Dogs are pack animals and are very social. Isolating them like that is punishment.

I tried to explain that a chained dog becomes vicious and dangerous, impedes drug enforcement, delivery of warrants, etc. Yet Ms. (Diana) McFarland (Smithfield Times) chose not to include that in her article.

If you have any doubt about dogs being loyal companions who give unconditional love, look up pictures of our military men and women whose smiles and eyes light up in the presence of a dog.

Thanks to all of you who came out to voice your opinion.

Buzz Bailey
Isle of Wight County Supervisor
Newport District