Real Estate Transfers

Published 10:53 am Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Southampton County

City of Franklin

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Vickie K. Allred, 208 Willis Road, $145,000

John O. Lowe to Pennymac Mortgage Investment, 6101 Condor Drive, Moorpark, Calif., $172,877

Cynthia S. and Lloyd C. Carr to Cynthia S. Carr, 403 Vaughans Lane, $0

Bronco Federal Credit to Morings Rentals LLC, $18,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Bank of America, $83,336

Millennium Service Co. LLC to Branch Banking and Trust Co., $175,000

Federal Home Loan Corp. to Kelley J. and John K. Roback, 136 Regency Lane, $241,900

Troy Wray and Mark Alan Bowen to Franklin L. Jester, $46,200

Leigh and Jonathan David Rideout to Leigh Ann Turner Rideout, 325 Crescent Drive, $0

Federal Home Mortgage Corp. to Cedar O. Breucop, 501 S. High St., $36,400

Stephen Gilmore McNeal to Diana N. and Robert L. Cutchins II, $90,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Alvin Lee Lankford, $128,000


Berlin-Ivor District

Robert W. Bain to David John Kilpatrick II, $190,000

Susan B. and Darren E. Owen to Darren E. Owen, 9136 Doles Road, $0


Boykins District

Evans and Bryant PLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $86,459

James O. Justice to Lillia D. and James O. Justice, 27378 Porter House Road, $0

Torrie E. Lashley to Torrie E. Lashley and others, $0

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Trudy Gunn and Ronnie Smith, 32475 Burnt Reed Road, $39,115

Denise Johnson Edwards to Ronnie D. and Trudy B. Gunn, $1,500

David A. Stiglitz to Hannah Joy Stiglitz, Boykins, $0

Fannie Ridley Taylor to Renise L. Stephens and others, 34407 Burnt Reed Road, $0


Capron District

Lorraine P. and Joseph Schiff to Derek W. Ross, 22065 Southampton Parkway, $225,000

Rich Price and Bonnie P. Bryant to Jemar LLC, 17413 Everett Road, $102,000

Fannie Mae to Linda L. and Richard S. Atkins, 26085 Meherrin Road, $19,500


Courtland District

Charlie L. Walker to Susan K. Blount, 22281 Linden St., $75,000


Drewryville District

Shelton W. Smith to Pine Circle Farms LLC, 19762 Pope Station Road, $135,000

Denise M. and Keith E. Jarvis to Denise M. Jarvis, 10472 Old Belfield Road, $0

Carolyn J. Beale and others to Jason T. Ramsey, 23039 Drewry Road, $120,700

Beulah S. Robinson to Sher and Alexander Robinson Jr., $0


Franklin District

Carolyn M. and Timothy F. Rice to Tena V. and Danny E. Futrell, 23057 Calvin Drive, $169,900

Robert A. Barrett to Sunshine S. Gizara, 30191 Camp Parkway, $0

Wanda E. and Wayne G. Reed to Courtney and Andrew Martn, 22505 Scojo Drive, $169,000

Mary Elizabeth Spruill to J. Douglas Dundalow, 22665 Story Station Road, $198,000

J. Douglas Dundalow to Theodore R. Drake  Jr., $220,000

Parsons Construction Co. LLC to R. Parsons LLC, $0

Renee R. and Michael D. Felts to Dia English and Thomas Perri, 30419 Camp Parkway, $230,750

R. Parsons LLC to Sarah and Robert S. Cordova, 29353 Shady Brook Court, $54,400

Annie Virginia Stephens to Verlistia and Kenneth Stephens, $0


Ivor District

Louise and Raymond L. Faulk to Louise and Raymond L. Faulk, 10900 New Road, Ivor, $0


Jerusalem District

Texanna C. Bryant to Charles A. Derby, 17378 River Road, $85,000

Diane K. Worrell to Sheldon Keith Worrell, 23352 Grant Street, $0

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Charles Ray Long, 29174 Delaware Road, $19,000

Fannie Mae to Keith E. Munroe, 30384 Sycamore Ave., $79,900

Martha M. and John J. Smolak to Patricia and Leo O. Maniace, 29011 Darden Point Road, $300,000

Surey Trustees LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $208,868


Newsoms District

Fannie Mae to Michele L. and Aaron B. Sikes, 34116 Old Nottoway Road, $145,000

David E. and Joseph H. Gizara to William C. Arrington III, 34446 Whitley Branch Road, $113,000

Brenda and Walter R. Bishop Jr. to Michael R. Bishop, 27375 Mt. Horeb Road, $0


Sebrell District

Phyllis M. Barham to Wanda M. Bray and others, $0


Isle of Wight County

Carrsville District

Faye E. Stephens to American K9 Interdiction LLC, 4007 Burdette Road, $18,000

Willard E. Herrin Jr. to Willard E. Herrin Jr., 3011 Lawrence Drive, $0

Winnie E. Zimmerman to Andrew M. Woods, 6166 Carrsville Road, $14,500

Douglas James Cullipher to William C. Albert, 27384 Colosse Road, $338,000

Isle of Wight District

Todd R. Eveland to Christopher Boss, 34 Days Point Lane, $285,000


Windsor District

Barbara V. Muller to Stacy Berg, 23054 Sandy Point Lane, $0

Brenda J. Berkland to Holly L. Hoy, Lot 12, Burnt Mill Lane, $99,900

Lawrence L. Quier to Michael H. Mitchell, 27058 Colosse Road, $500,000

Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota to Robert L. Douglas, 10301 Whitehill Trail, $94,000

Silver Spurs Investments LLC to Lone Star Investment Group LLC, 22132 Thomas Woods Trail, $0

Arlene M. Oliver to Christopher L. Jordan, 18403 Longview Drive, $230,000

Patsy M. Delucia to Michael S. Jurnigan, 19225 Tomlin Hill Drive, $65,000

Donna Roberts Eley to Donna Roberts Eley, 9054 Willie Roberts Road, $0

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kimberly B. Sadley, 19251 Tomlin Hill Drive, $145,000

John R. Wills III to John R. Wills III, 12100 Five Forks Road, Windsor, $0

John R. Wills III to Ronald W. Ruegsegger, 12100 Five Forks Road, $0

Maggie Turner to David J. Power, $25,000

Leonard Brown to Donald Glen Carr Sr., 23486 Deer Path Trail, $95,000

Shea M. Robertson to CMH Homes, 17060 Maryland Ave., $0

John T. Fault to Christine J. Fault, 9429 Central Hill Road, $0

Ina Mae Batten Holland to Gregory Scott Butler, 20150 Quaker Road, $240,000

Holland Meadows Inc. to Natalie D. Cutchin, 24225 John Henry St., $229,800

Holland Meadows Inc. to Stacy M. Overby, 11462 Marvin Ct., $287,890