Newsoms commended for effort

Published 11:10 am Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Posted speed limits aren’t mere suggestions for drivers; they are the maximum rate of speed at which a driver is legally allowed to go.

Speed limits are imposed to protect motorists. Exceeding the speed limit is a violation of the law and, as such, exposes the driver to fines and other potential penalties.

Apparently, some motorists feel that being held accountable through stricter enforcement is not what local government should focus on.

We couldn’t disagree more.

Our story (“Lucrative crimes,” Sept. 7) detailed how the Town of Newsoms has benefited by increasing its police presence and cracking down on speeding motorists.

According to the town’s 2012-13 budget, the projected revenues from fines will pay for the police department and contribute to 72 percent of the town’s revenue. More importantly, it will allow for a larger and more visible police presence to combat other, more serious crimes.

Without the revenue, Newsoms could not afford any police presence. It appears to be a win-win, especially for the residents of Newsoms.

As a result of their town’s decision to enforce the law, the residents have a safer community and a municipal government funded by those who break the law, not the taxpayers, who choose not to.

We think that’s the model all localities should follow and encourage them to follow suit.

Yet in recent days, a number of our readers, most of whom have presumably contributed to the town coffers due to a heavy foot, have voiced their displeasure at the town’ policy of enforcing the law.

Their reaction highlights an unfortunate attitude shared by many in today’s society who want to have their cake and eat it too; they want safer streets and less crime, and a balanced government budget, but not if it means they have to be inconvenienced by obeying the law.