Ivor Council seeks bids for cemetery parking lot

Published 11:09 am Saturday, September 1, 2012


IVOR—Ivor Town Council has asked three contractors for bids for taking care of a parking problem at the town cemetery, said Mayor Sandy Vick.

Vick didn’t name the contractors, but said they have done work for the town before.

Low areas in the cemetery are often quite wet. When large funerals take place, motorists who park on the grassy lot leave holes or gouge marks from tires, which then require maintenance.

The wet ground also makes it difficult for mourners walking to a gravesite.

A less than one-acre portion of the cemetery on higher ground is being considered for a parking area, which is expected to remain grassy.

Vick said Friday she did not know when a contract would be awarded, nor how long it would take to complete the project. She hopes to have more details later this month.

A cost estimate was not available, Vick said.

The money will come from the cemetery account, which is funded from plot sales. There is $15,232 in the checking account.

No tax dollars would be required for the project.

“Money is set aside from the sale of plots,” Vick said. “From time to time, we have had individuals donate to that account so that the grounds can be taken care of and kept in good working order.”