You asked: Development coordinator: No plans to extend Stewart Drive

Published 1:36 pm Saturday, August 25, 2012

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You asked: Does the city plan to expand Stewart Drive to the Walmart plaza?

FRANKLIN—There are no plans to extend Stewart Drive to the Walmart plaza.

Franklin Community Development Coordinator Donald Goodwin said the project was discussed to alleviate congestion on Armory Drive, but it’s not included in long-range plans.

“It definitely would be beneficial, but there’s not enough need to alleviate traffic yet,” he said. “It’s not a high priority.”

That’s because there’s no development beyond the end of Stewart Drive. Utility lines don’t go past Bailey Drive, he said. If the property between Stewart Drive and Walmart is developed, it would be a higher priority.

City Manager Randy Martin said drainage issues along Stewart Drive would complicate an extension to Walmart.

“It does open up a lot of undeveloped property, which Franklin doesn’t have a lot of,” Martin said.

Goodwin said the city is considering extending Council Drive to Clay Street and repaving Armory Drive.