Tiny Tots Contest winners announced

Published 11:59 am Friday, August 17, 2012

Contestants and their parents gather for the Tiny Tots Contest at the Franklin-Southampton County Fair on Aug. 11. SUBMITTED

COURTLAND—Winners of the 2012 Franklin-Southampton County Fair Tiny Tots Contest were:

GIRLS 6 TO 8 MONTHS—First Bryn Francis, daughter of Vernie and Holly Francis of Capron; runner-up Chloe Snow, daughter of Dawn Edwards of Courtland.

BOYS 6 TO 8 MONTHS—First Jacob Riggs, son of Glenn and Amy Riggs of Franklin; runner-up Jackson Railey, son of Edward and Elizabeth Railey of Courtland.

GIRLS 9 TO 12 MONTHS—First Makenzie Ledbetter, daughter of Derrick and Holly Ledbetter of Newsoms; runner-up Brynden Pearce, daughter of Allen and Ashley Pearce of Franklin.

BOYS 9 TO 12 MONTHS—First Zack Duke, son of Billy and Stephanie Duke of Franklin; runner-up Mason Temple, son of Junior and Michelle Temple of Courtland.

GIRLS 13 TO 18 MONTHS—First Harper Babb, daughter of Kristen Sutphin of Sedley; runner-up Laney Butler, daughter of Ricky and Ada Butler of Newsoms.

BOYS 13 TO 18 MONTHS—First Rylan Shanks, son of Cathy Bradshaw, and Don and Kim Shanks of Courtland; runner-up Samuel Wise, son of Jason and Michelle Wise of Newsoms.

GIRLS 19 TO 24 MONTHS—First Emerson Presson, daughter of Brittany Presson of Franklin; runner-up Casey Randall, daughter of Jack and Trisha Randall of Courtland.

GIRLS 25 TO 36 MONTHS—First Emily Cuthbertson, daughter of Anthony and Jennifer Cuthbertson of Newsoms; runner-up Tristan Tomlin, daughter of Michael and Michelle Tomlin of Franklin.

BOYS 25 TO 36 MONTHS—First James Chandler Pinner, son of Jimmy and Robin Pinner of Boykins; runner-up Brayden Drake, son of Joe and Amy Drake of Courtland.