Sisters have babies two hours apart

Published 9:20 am Friday, August 17, 2012

On left, Allison Lilly, holds her newborn daughter, Noni Rayne, while her sister, Jennifer Buchheit, holds her newborn son, Joseph Flick. In back are Lilly’s husband, Kelby, and Buchheit’s husband, Ryan. The babies were born a little more than two hours apart on Wednesday at Sentara Obici Hospital in Suffolk. -- SUBMITTED/DALE GAUDING

SUFFOLK—Sisters Allison Lilly and Jennifer Buchheit became mothers and aunts in a little over two hours Wednesday after each had their first child.

Due six days before her sister, Lilly, 27, of Sedley at 6:56 p.m. gave birth to a girl at Sentara Obici Hospital in Suffolk. Buchheit, 28, of Suffolk, had a boy at 9:39, also at Obici.

“It actually really shocked me and I really didn’t think it would happen (on the same day),” said Buchheit. “I figured we would (both) go late.”

“I’ve been telling people I was going to have the baby on a Wednesday. I always knew it,” Lilly added.

She arrived at the hospital at 5 p.m. Tuesday to be induced. Her sister arrived at 2 a.m. Wednesday.

“I thought it was awful late for her to come visit,” Lilly said, not thinking her sister was in labor.

Lilly’s husband, Kelby, 37, found the whole thing surreal. His wife was in labor for 24 hours and Jennifer Buchheit for 20 hours.

“It was a pretty neat situation,” Kelby Lilly said. “Me and her husband were jumping back and forth, talking and having it out.”

“I always thought twins would be ideal,” added the other new father, Ryan Buchheit, 30. “Now I have twins from another mother.”

Allison Lilly, a beautician at Tangles in Franklin, was due Aug. 12. Her sister, who is 22 months older than her and teaches dance at Dynamic Movements in Suffolk, was due Aug. 18.

They were in each other’s weddings and hosted each other’s baby showers.

“We were able to be there for each other, and this time (during labor) we had to be separated,” Lilly said. “We didn’t get to see each other until today (Thursday).”

During labor, Lilly wrote her sister a note. It read, “Let’s get these babies out.”

Both girls chose family names for their babies.

The Lillys named their daughter Noni Rayne. Noni was the name of Kelby Lilly’s great-grandmother.

The Buchheits named their boy Joseph Flick. Flick is the sisters’ maiden name and Joseph is Ryan’s father’s name, Jennifer’s grandfather’s name and her father’s middle name.

Noni weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 20.5 inches. Joseph weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and measured 21 inches.

The sisters are planning joint birthday parties and taking the cousins trick-or-treating together.

Neither was close with their own cousins because they lived too far apart.

“We get to have our babies share something we never had,” Allison Lilly said.

The sisters are the daughters of Bob and Colleen Flick of Ivor. Kelby Lilly’s parents are Shelby and James Lilly of Tyner, N.C. Ryan Buchheit is the son of Paula and Joseph Buchheit in Ashland, Ky.