Fair livestock exhibit winners named

Published 11:08 am Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Carter Brittle took first for Senior Fitting and Showmanship during the Feeder Pig Competition at the Franklin-Southampton County Fair on Thursday. GWEN ALBERS/TIDEWATER NEWS

By Neil Clark


Whether poultry or pigs, the young exhibitors were the real winners at the 32nd annual Franklin-Southampton County Fair livestock shows on Thursday through Saturday.

To paraphrase from the FFA Creed: “I believe in the future of agriculture with a faith born not of words but of deeds — achievements won by the present and past generations …. to be engaged in agricultural pursuits, is pleasant as well as challenging; for I know the joys and discomforts of agricultural life and hold an inborn fondness for those associations, which even in hours of discouragement, I cannot deny. ” This is the essence of the bond that these young people are building with an agricultural way of life that goes beyond the valuable skill sets of business, communications, responsibility, finance, negotiation, marketing, and animal welfare that are practiced by completing a 4-H animal project.

May the lessons learned this summer by this enthusiastic group shape their success and quality of life for decades to come.


Best in Show—Savannah Britt

Senior Buck—Savannah Britt first,

Senior Doe—Bradley Hammond first,

Junior Buck—Julia Miller first,

Junior Doe—Caleigh Gray first,

Doe and Litter—Bradley Hammond first,

Cloverbuds—Hannah Hammond, Emily Hammond, Camden Gray and Reese Brock


Grand Champion—Hannah Futrell

Reserve Champion—Bradley Hammond

Rooster—Bradley Hammond first

Hen—Maryann Johnson first, Bradley Hammond second

Cockerel—Hannah Futrell first, Bradley Hammond second

Pullet—Bradley Hammond first, Hannah Futrell second, Alicia Miller third, Brandon Miller fourth, Katie Miller fifth, Julia Miller sixth

Cloverbuds—Emily Hammond and Caitlin Bergin


Fitting and Showmanship-Senior—Carter Brittle first, Lee Johnson second, Savannah Britt third, Alicia Miller fourth

Fitting and Showmanship-Junior—Edythe Carr first, Bradley Hammond second, Maryann Johnson third, Cole Brittle fourth

Cloverbuds—Whitley Brittle, Emily Hammond, Luke Giles, Reese Brock

Gilt Light Weight—Alicia Miller first, Cole Brittle second, Savannah Britt third, Bradley Hammond fourth

Gilt Heavy Weight—Lee Johnson first, Carter Brittle second, Maryann Johnson third, Edythe Carr fourth

Barrow Light Weight—Edythe Carr first, Alicia Miller second, Bradley Hammond third, Savannah Britt fourth

Barrow Heavy Weight—Lee Johnson first, Maryann Johnson second, Carter Brittle third, Cole Brittle fourth

Grand Champion—Lee Johnson

Reserve Grand Champion—Lee Johnson

When Pigs Fly Pig Race—Edythe Carr


Fitting and Showmanship-Junior—Taylor Cross first, Carter Brittle second, Cole Brittle third, Lee Johnson fourth, Maryanne Johnson fifth, Bradley Hammond sixth

Fitting and Showmanship-Novice —Lane Cross first, Hannah Reedy second, Katie Miller third, Ellen Davis fourth

Fitting and Showmanship-Cloverbuds—Hannah Hammond, Emily Hammond, Ben Davis, Reese Brock, Luke Giles, Whitley Brittle

Market Goat Classes-Light Weight—Lane Cross first, Ellen Davis second

Market Goat Classes-Heavy Weight—Cole Brittle first, Carter Brittle second, Maryann Johnson third, Lee Johnson fourth

Grand Champion Market Goats—Cole Brittle

Reserve Champion Market Goats—Carter Brittle

Breeding Stock Goat Class Does born on or after Jan. 1—Maryann Johnson first, Hannah Reedy second, Taylor Cross third, Lee Johnson fourth, Bradley Hammond fifth, Katie Miller sixth

Breeding Stock Goat Class Does born after Jan. 1, 2011—Lee Johnson first

Doe in Production—Lee Johnson first, Maryann Johnson second, Hannah Reedy third, Maryann Johnson fourth

Grand Champion Breeding Stock Goat—Lee Johnson

Reserve Champion Breeding Stock Goat—Lee Johnson


Fitting and Showmanship Senior—Phillip Carr Jr. first

Junior Fitting and Showmanship— Megan Vincent first, Edythe Carr second

Novice Fitting and Showmanship —Taylor Cross, Carleigh Gray

Lightweight Heifer A—Edythe Carr first, Phillip Carr Jr. second

Light Weight Heifer B—Phillip Carr Jr. first, Edythe Carr second

Middle Weight Heifer B—Taylor Cross first, Carleigh Gray second

Heavy Weight Heifer B—Megan Vincent first

Grand Champion Heifer—Megan Vincent

Reserve Champion Heifer—Taylor Cross

Sponsorship awards were donated to each exhibitor by Richard Vaughn of Rich and Rich Bonded Auctioneers and the members, shareholders, and staff of the Suffolk Cotton Gin as a result of donated proceeds of the annual auction held at the Gin Yard.

Other sponsors were B&S Enterprises, Bayer CropScience, Beamon & Johnson NAPA, Carolina-Eastern LLC, Coastal Agro Business, Colonial Farm Credit, Colony Tire – Emporia, Commonwealth Gin, Dail’s Home Center, Farm Bureau, R.M. Felts Packing Co., Helena Chemical, Isle of Wight Forest Products, J.T. Barham & Co., Lee M. White Trucking, Luck Stone, Meherrin Ag & Chemical Co., Mike Holland Farms, Murphy-Brown LLC, Rich & Rich Bonded Auctioneers International, R.O. Mayes Grain, Rose Valley Farm, Southampton Farm Bureau, Southampton FFA and Suffolk Cotton Gin.

NEIL CLARK is the southeast regional forestry extension agent and the unit coordinator at the Southampton Extension office.