Do we trust Obama or Romney?

Published 10:43 am Saturday, August 11, 2012

To the Editor:

To the faith-based religious leaders throughout our nation and all races, denominations, and political parties.

Should we who are Christians be outraged about the disgraceful way the campaign is being conducted for President of the United States? Distortion of the truth, falsifying information, misrepresenting individuals, destroying all Christian attributes that leaders are expected to possess — honor and respect?

Barack Obama is the president. It isn’t surprising that there are some who haven’t accepted that a black man is the President. He has also done a great job, in spite of all the determined efforts by some to see him fail.

That however, makes it easier to understand why some ill-wishers feel intimidated by his successes even with a “We Will Not” Congress. No President can do everything or please everyone, especially considering the problems he inherited and the non-working, non-cooperative people he has tried to work with.

As we look back over the many dishonest transactions that occurred with some of the big banks, corporations, businesses, etc., in the last 10 or 12 years, no one knows just how many people have lost their life’s earnings because of the conniving and greed of a few, who stole from their companies while claiming the companies were losing money; they became millionaires and billionaires.

Observing some of the advertisements on TV trying to garner support for their candidate, I wonder how many of those supporting the ad that says “This is the worst economic recovery America has ever had” are responsible for the economic condition of America.

When anyone closes a company and walks away with billions in their pockets, they can also destroy a country. Can you imagine a multi-billionaire presidential candidate who has told the world that he was not concerned about the poor because money will eventually dribble down to them?

Has Mitt Romney told, or can he, tell us how the dribble will be done? It appears he hasn’t been able to give any clear answers to anything here in America or abroad, a flip-flop president the country does not need. Is it necessary to take what someone else has said, turn it around to make it a negative statement to try to benefit by it?

That really looks like desperation and limitation. Our nation deserves honest leadership, not someone who withholds his tax returns. Honest, smart businessmen would also know if he still owned, or was a part, of a company for three years.

Would income tax returns reveal what he has forgotten? How many times can he contradict himself on his own statements? Is Mitt Romney a law-abiding, legally-qualified presidential candidate?

Ruby H. Walden