Franklin to put 45 properties up for tax sale

Published 10:23 am Friday, August 10, 2012

FRANKLIN—Franklin could make up to $234,698 during a proposed sale of 45 properties for which taxes haven’t been paid since at least 2008, said Franklin Treasurer Dinah Babb.

The properties include homes, businesses and vacant lots, said Jason Dunn, an attorney with Jones, Jones & Dunn in Chesapeake.

“At least half are residential homes,” Dunn said.

He has mailed property owners and advertised the sale in The Tidewater News. Owners, or heirs have until Sept. 1 to work out a payment plan to keep a property out of the auction.

“Four or five have made arrangements on a payment plan,” Babb said. “One has completely paid it off.”

Babb expects others will settle the debt or set up a payment plan, so the total number of properties could drop.

After Sept. 1, Dunn will file with Southampton County Circuit Court for the auction, and a date will be set once the owners have been served.

“We’re going to find some public place (to hold it),” he said. “I’ve never done one in Franklin, but when I used to do them in Southampton County, they were held in the Board of Supervisors building.”

Dunn said he doesn’t expect the auction to take place until sometime after October.

He is not paid by the city, but can receive up to 20 percent of what an owner pays to keep the property and can take a cut of the proceeds of the auction once the back taxes are covered.

“The goal is to bring in enough (through the auction) to pay the fees, taxes and liens on a property,” he said. “Obviously it’s a last resort.”

Babb will discuss the tax sale during City Council’s meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, Aug. 13, at City Hall.